How to Clean Your Pool After a Storm Without Power

How to Clean Your Pool After a Storm Without Power

Today’s guide explains how to clean your pool after a storm that causes a power outage. During a power outage, you won’t be able to use your pool pump for a suction cleaner or to circulate your water for chlorination.

Prep Before the Storm

Lower your pool water by at least 6 inches to prevent the pool basin from flooding during the storm.

Things You May Need

Steps to Cleaning a Pool After a Storm (No Power)

  1. Use a Leaf Eater to Remove Debris From the Pool Floor – A leaf eater is a pressure-side vacuum head powered by a garden hose. Its design uses the venturi effect, making it ideal for larger debris, and it has more capacity than most suction cleaners.
  2. Skim Debris From Water Surface – use a leaf net to remove any floating debris on the pool surface.
  3. Add Liquid Chlorine – pour liquid chlorine into the debris-free pool (or as debris-free as you can get it.) We’re using 10% liquid chlorine, with a usual dose recommendation of one-gallon jug per 10,000 gallons
  4. Add Chlorine Every Day (Or Every Other) As Needed – Depending on the post-storm weather, add chlorine on the schedule as mentioned earlier to keep your pool water as clear as possible

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