Going Green, Saving Green

“Going green” is not a fad or popular trend. It is, in fact, part of our evolving culture. Going green simply means implementing certain lifestyle changes that are designed to help you live in a more eco-friendly way. Sometimes it just means becoming more environmentally aware of your actions and behaviors. Did you know that there are subtle things you can do with your pool to go green? Swimming pool owners across the world are making changes to their chlorination systems, heaters, and pumps – all in efforts to promote a more “green” lifestyle.

There has been a chemical warfare going on within the pool industry for years now. Today, people are a lot more conscious of all the different chemicals they are not only putting into their bodies, but also onto their bodies. This is one of the reasons why salt chlorinators are so popular and why I think they are here to stay.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go ‘Green’

Going Green
Going Green

Although it is not easy to change things you have become accustomed to, turning your pool ‘green’ is rather inexpensive in comparison to the overall benefits you gain. Here are 3 quick reasons why going green is in everyone’s best interest.

  1. Reduce Costs. Everyone likes to save money and by becoming more energy efficient, saving is exactly what you will do. Energy efficient products always pay for themselves in reduced electric bills. By choosing pool equipment that saves energy, like a variable speed pump, costs to pool owners will decrease.
  2. Reduce Energy Waste / Save Water. Almost all of a pool’s heat loss happens at the surface due to evaporation. By switching to ‘green’, you cut down on water loss and chemical treatment.
  3. Tax Incentives. Many states in the US offer tax incentives and rebates for homeowners who purchase energy efficient equipment

3 Ways To Go Green

  1. Pump Efficiency. Pool owners can save energy while maintaining a comfortable swimming pool temperature by using a smaller, higher efficiency pump and by running it less. On average, an energy efficient pump will use 35%-45% less energy than a standard pump. Typical pumps comes in single, dual, or variable speed, which allows you to regulate the speed for regular daily use.
  2. Get Your Solar Blanket
    Help Heat Your Pool With Our Solar Covers

    Solar Covers. A solar blanket, or solar cover, does more than just a regular pool cover. In addition to keeping evaporation to a minimum, it heats the pool, keeps debris out, and decreases chemical reduction. When solar covers are used in conjunction with pool heaters, they have the capability to reduce pool heating costs as much as 50%. According to the U.S Department of Energy, pool covers can also reduce the amount of water that needs to be added to a pool by 30%-50%

  3. Jandy Aquapure Ei Salt Chlorinator
    Jandy Aquapure Ei Salt Chlorinator

    Salt Chlorination System. With the introduction to salt chlorination systems, pool owners have become more aware of the chemicals they expose their family to. Salt chlorine systems help reduce the need to buy or handle chlorine. The water itself feels a lot softer and more comfortable to swim in. It produces better air and water quality and it will not destroy your bathing suits as chlorine often does.

I’ve never met anyone who does not like to save money. If you can save some money and help out our environment at the same time, why not right? Right. With tax incentives from the government, pool owners are now being rewarded for reducing the amount of pollution released into our environment. The next time you need to replace any of your swimming pool equipment, give us a call and we can help you choose a greener option for your pool.


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