How To Identify a Pool Cartridge Filter System?

How To Identify a Pool Cartridge Filter System?

In this video, we take a look at how to identify a pool cartridge filter system. If you need replacement parts like lid o-rings, pressure gauges, or cartridges, then it will be helpful to determine the make and model of the filter.

Look at the Label

The filter’s tank sticker should provide the manufacturer’s name and, at the very least, the model name. The filter tank sticker also lists your filter’s specific model number; this number may be found in a specification chart that lists the other sizes in the model series. Your model should be marked with a punchout or highlighted on a specification chart.

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Find the Cartridge Part Number

Each cartridge has a part number stamped into its plastic endcap: find this number and enter it into INYOPool’s parts search to identify the model. 

Some cartridges are used in several filter model designs; review the part schematic pages to confirm the identity of your unit.

Get an Assist From Inyo Pools

Measure the cartridge’s length along with the endcap’s outside diameter and the center hole diameter; then take pictures of your filter’s housing and email this info to One of our support techs will identify your filter.

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