How to Identify a Replacement Cartridge for a Pool Filter

How to Identify a Replacement Cartridge for a Pool Filter

This video explains how to identify the replacement cartridge for your pool filter; using tag information, part numbers, and measurements.

Ways to Identify Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Read the Tank Tag

Each filter has a tank tag that lists its make, model, and sizes made for that series of filters. In addition, the tank tag will list the filter’s size, usually with a how punchout or on a smaller tag adjacent to the main filter tank tag.

To find the correct cartridge, you can search the model number in our Inyo’s parts search. For example, our filter is a C200S; we’d search “C200S cartridge” or “C200S parts” through Inyo’s Filter Parts Finder to find the replacement cartridge.

Find Cartridge Part Number

Open the filter tank, and inspect the cartridge’s plastic endcaps for a part number. Find a match by entering the cartridge part number into Inyo’s Filter Cartridge Finder.

Find the Correct Cartridge via Measurements

Measure the endcap end-to-endcap height, the endcap’s outside diameter, and the endcap’s center-hole diameter; then email those measurements to for review by one of our senior pool techs. We’ll make sure you get the correct cartridge for your filter.

Do you have any questions about how to find your specific pool cartridge or have another topic you’d like covered, leave a comment down below. Or, feel free to visit anytime over at

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2 thoughts on “How to Identify a Replacement Cartridge for a Pool Filter

  1. Would it be ok to use a replacement cartridge that is about 1 5/16 inchs narrower than original filter. So a little over 5/8s on each side?

    1. The more important question is, “what is the square footage of the new cartridge compared to the old?”

      Just because the cartridge fits doesn’t mean the filtering flow rate will be the same. If the new smaller cartridge has similar or higher square footage, it should be fine; if it is lower, I wouldn’t use it.

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