How To Prime A Pool Pump

In this Pool Care Basics video, we discuss how to prime a pool pump. When a pump is priming, it is purging all the air from the system. A fully primed pump is essential in order for the pool system to work properly.


A pump that is not primed will create a host of problems. The heat caused by too much air and not enough water can damage the pump and other equipment. Damaged equipment will prevent the water from circulating and a green pool would quickly follow.

Useful Resources

How to Determine Why a Pool Pump Won’t Prime

How to Fix Priming Problems in Your Pool Pump

3 thoughts on “How To Prime A Pool Pump

  1. Hey. I had algae on the bottom of my pool, so I had to vacuum it on the waste setting on the filter. I filled the pool back up, and it won’t pull water from the pool into the filter now. I cleaned the pump filter (it was awful!!). I also used a bucket to fill the pump basket back up with water, but even after 3 Home Depot buckets, it is not staying full. The o ly way I’m getting water back into the pool is if I have the filter on, and I continually pour water I to the pump filter. It worked fine before I vacuumed. What do I need to do, please?

    1. Hello,

      First, please ensure all your plumbing valves are set correctly to resume regular filtering. Also, if you have an air relief valve on the filter, I would have it open to ensure the pump can purge air as it is trying to prime. Then, I would ensure that the waterline within the pool is at least halfway up the face of the skimmer and the pump strainer lid’s gasket is sitting correctly in its groove. Use your bucket to prime your pump, filling the pump strainer to the top.; close your pump lid and let your system try to prime for a minute or so.

      If the system still does not prime, you can try some troubleshooting we mention in the following guide: How To Determine Why a Pool Pump Won’t Prime

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