How To Treat Pollen Build-up In Your Pool

Opening your pool in spring can be exciting for the whole family. However, you know what isn’t exciting about spring? Pollen and allergies. Learning how to treat pollen build-up in your pool is amazing. However, do you know what’s even better? Being proactive about pollen and learning how to prevent pollen build-up.

Oftentimes, though, pollen build-up is mistaken for yellow algae. How can you determine the differences between the two in order to treat your pool properly? In this article, we help you discern if you have pollen build-up or yellow algae and provide ways to treat and prevent it.

Is It Pollen Or Yellow Algae?

Before we learn how to treat pollen build-up in your pool, you first need to determine if the yellow layer on your pool is actually pollen. In some cases, this may be yellow algae.

You can identify pollen in your pool by:

  1. Pollen floats on top of the water and is easily blown by the wind.
  2. It tends to stick to the inside of your skimmer
  3. Eventually, pollen will dissolve and sink to the pool’s floor.
  4. Pollen puffs up when agitated by a vacuum.
  5. Yellow algae require brushing and scrubbing to remove.

Why Should You Remove The Pollen?

What makes pollen so bad? Well, besides it being one of the main culprits that cause allergies, pollen can also disrupt your pool’s water chemistry and clog your skimmer and filter.

Pollen contains phosphates, bacteria, and other organic material. This can severely disrupt your pool’s chemistry, causing you to spend more time and effort on re-balancing it.

Lastly, who wants to swim in a pool full of pollen?

How To Treat Pollen Build-Up In Your Pool

Treating pollen is straightforward and can be multi-faceted. Although the wind will blow some of the pollen from the surface of your pool, there are other things you will want to do as well.

Be sure to treat your pool chemically, even after removing the pollen from your water. Remember, depending on how long or drastic the pollen build-up is, your pool’s water chemistry can easily be affected.

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