How To Use A Pool Leaf Eater Vacuum

How To Use A Pool Leaf Eater Vacuum

In this video, show and explain how to use a pool leaf eater vacuum. By following this step-by-step guide, you can be certain your pool stay clean and clear year-round.

Pool Leaf Eaters Are Great For…

  • Foliage Debris such as leaves, seeds, and pine needles.
  • Most pool surfaces – The Leaf Eater’s brush assembly can be adjusted for gunite, vinyl and fiberglass pools.
  • Spring Start-Up – The venturi picks up larger water-laden debris, while also filling your pool with fresh water.
  • Keeping your pool clean, even when your filter pump is out of commission.

And, Not So Great For…

  • Picking up silty soil.
  • Areas with water use restrictions.
  • Users who may have trouble lifting or handling the Leaf Eater when it is filled to capacity.

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