My Pool Is Only Losing Water When My Pump Is Running

16 thoughts on “My Pool Is Only Losing Water When My Pump Is Running

  1. Doughboy 16×32 . with a deep end.
    Ours is definitely leaking from the outside of the return. This pool has been with us since last century– have certainly replaced the liner a few times and it is intact. My husband has reinforced the area with a semi-truck mud flap piece of rubber(!),but it’s time to do some more damage control. It has been determined that whoever (me) added a cheapo fountain accessory to the return is at fault and the threads are all stripped and the entire return thing needs replacing. (My son concurs)
    WHICH PARTS DO I NEED TO ORDERr? The filter and pump are relatively new. We’re experiencing the same stay at home thing as everyone else, but I have the added feature of 4 grandchildren who live in our bubble that expect to be able to swim during 2020 summer months.

    1. Hello Debbie. Sounds like you need to do some PVC pipe work and maybe some return port replacements. I cannot get a visual on the mud flap reinforced area you refer to though. if it is leaking from one pipes going to the ports, you should be able to isolate which one. Also, if it has been leaking awhile, it may be creating a loss of earth under your pool. You will most likely see a dip in the ground or concrete somewhere. That size pool should have at least 4 inlets and a selector valve for each set. I have a 16×32 kidney pool and mine has 4 with a selector for the step area or the deep end or both. You should get enough circulation with just 2 as long as you have your chemicals right. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

  2. Is it really that bad that my German Shepherd swims whenever she wants in our swimming pool? Does the hair make the pump work harder?

    1. The check valve that prevents the water from flowing back to the lower level of water in the pool, is leaking.
      My pool does the same thing. The jacuzzi ‘s water level is about 6″ higher than the pool water , so when the pump shuts off, the water from the jacuzzi siphons back thru the check valve and into the pool. Water will seek it’s own level, and will flow from the higher level to the lower level,… Till they are the same level in both the pool and the jacuzzi.
      You can turn the “Ortega Valve” that feed the jacuzzi, off each time, when the pool pump shuts off. But this is a nuisance. I just let the water from the jacuzzi flow into the pool, and when the pump starts each day … It re- fills the jacuzzi, and the system operates as usual…. You can change out the internal workings of the check valve (spring & the disc ) , or replace the entire check-valve assembly….

  3. You can help isolate a return line leak by using the shutoff valves. Shutoff the shallow return line and run the filter measuring water loss. Then repeat by shutting off the deep return line and measuring water loss. This will determine if the leak is at the deep or shallow return. The leak most likely is located at a joint of the line. A large crack in the sidewalk may also help locate the general area of the leak. A leak detection company will charge around $300 to find the leak .

  4. Hello. it sounds like you have a leak on one of the outlets from the pump to the pool. isolate as best as you can from the outlet valves going to your pool to see which area is the problem. Another sure tell sign is a dip in your pavers or concrete. That water is going somewhere so the sooner you find out the better. You dont want a sink hole or your pool wall to cave in. Once you know which set of pvc piping is leaking, you will have to cut that portion off the existing piping, cap it, and re-plumb back together at the filter to get you by. To fix properly you would need to tear out a small portion of concrete, repair the leak or replace the PVC, and re concrete. I had a similar problem with a bottom drain line. I was losing an inch in 2 days and losing positive suction at the pump , which caused air to get in the system. Isolated which area was the problem, selected only skimmer suction, and capped the bottom drain. That was fun! Not! Good luck!

  5. Hi. Our pool is losing water ONLY when the pump is running and connected to the return line. We have bypassed the return line and are running an above ground return. The water level is above the return jets in the pool and we aren’t losing any water. We do not have the plugs in. I’m thinking this is a leak only when the return lines are under pressure. Thoughts?

  6. Yesterday my pool pump got replaced and we have been running it quite a bit to get the algae out of the stagnant water.

    I notice that the water has dropped significantly but there is no obvious leaks near the motor/pipes.

    What can be the problem I wonder?

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