Poolside Chat - Custom Covers & Above Ground Pool Parts - Inyopools Episode 1

Video: Poolside Chat Episode #1 – Custom Covers & Above Ground Pool Parts

Today we have started our new video series, Poolside Chat. We came up with a revolutionary concept – to answer the questions our audience is asking. So that is what the show will be about. We will take one to two questions per week from our audience and answer those every week here on Poolside Chat.

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle two common questions:

  • Can I use a standard rectangular pool cover on a free-form pool?
  • How can you find replacement parts for an above ground pool?

Poolside Chat Episode #1 Video

Watch the video it’s easier than reading 😉

Video Transcription

Hello pool owners and welcome to Episode # 1 of Poolside Chat with your hosts Rob Mclintock and Matt Simmons. Every week we will answer your questions on how to fix and maintain your swimming pool.

Question #1 Rectangular Cover on a Free-Form Pool

Our first question is from Andy in Akron. Andy would like to know:

“Can I use a standard cover on a free-form pool?”

Andy in Akron 

Thank you for the question, Andy, and secondly go Zips! The question can be broken down into two different answers: one for winter covers and one for safety covers. Rob will take winter covers. For winter covers, you can definitely use a standard cover for a free-form pool. You just need to measure the longest length and the widest width of your pool and get a rectangle that will cover your entire pool. With safety covers not so much.

With safety covers it is a very hard, “No!” With free-form pools you have twists and turns and things like that. With a stock safety cover it is going to be rectangle only. That’s the only shape a stock cover is going to fit. It’s not going to fit an oval, a Grecian, a Roman or anything like that. The reason being is because on the bottom around the edge of the safety cover there are little rub strips. Those rub strips are meant to go around the edge of the pool touching the deck rather than the fabric of the safety cover touching the edge of the pool deck. Another good reason… safety cover fabric versus concrete… the concrete will win 100% of the time. It’s like when the Florida Gators face the UCF Knights. It’s not going to go very well. No offense, Rob. None Taken.

The only way to get a safety cover to work for your free-form pool is to get a custom cover. This will require that you fill out our Custom Safety Cover Form. You can always Contact Us through our support center or through the comments below if you have any questions about filling out the form. That should answer Andy’s question.

Question #2 Replacing Parts on an Above Ground Pool

Now for the second question from Darlene.

“I need to replace some parts on my above ground pool but I don’t know the make or model, can you help?”


Well, Darlene, we can definitely help you. What we will need is some pictures of the pool so we can identify the model. Normally the best approach is to send us a picture of the outside pool (top to bottom) and a picture of where the top rails meet the upright. You can send those to upload@inyopools.com and we’ll try to identify the model and help you out.

The main reason for asking for pictures… We gotta know what the part goes to. I always liken it to taking a car to a mechanic and saying I need a bracket. He’s going to ask, “What’s the make model of your car?”. If you just say, “The car’s 8-inches long” then he’s not going to be able to help you. He’s going to need to know the make and model. There’s a ton of different above ground pool parts out there. Manufacturers change names. Dealers will change the names of the manufacturer’s brand once they get to their store. It may leave the factory as Zanzibar, but the local dealer will sell it as an Atlantis. So we need to know exactly what pool make and model you have to make sure we can get it and that’s where the pictures are extremely helpful. We have a database of thousands of pools we can look through and most of the time we will be able to match your pool up to something we have seen before. Once you send the pictures over to upload@inyopools.com our above ground pool parts desk will take a look at it and hopefully identify your pool and send you back part numbers and a price. If we don’t sell parts for it then we will of course tell you, “Sorry” and we may be able to point you in the correct direction. Maybe so, maybe not. It sounds like that’s it for Darlene. Hopefully we answered your question, Darlene.

Well we have a two question limit here at Poolside Chat, two drink minimum, two question limit. But it’s been fantastic, because I’ve been here and you’ve been there and Rob showed up as well. Thank you for listening to and watching our first show. It’s been real. He’s Salt and I’m Pepper. Thank you for reaching out to us and watching our video. If you have any other questions we have not answered then get in touch with us at 1-877-372-6038 or you can email us at agparts@inyopools.com or Contact Us through www.inyopools.com and we would gladly answer any question. Thank you for stopping by. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Video: Poolside Chat Episode #1 – Custom Covers & Above Ground Pool Parts

  1. I can see why you wouldn’t want to use a standard size pool cover on a free form pool. The point of a safety cover is to protect, but if the safety cover is not secured around the edge of the pool, it isn’t very safe. My favorite covers are built in that slide open and closed.

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