how to install a de pool filter

Poolside Repair: How To Install A D.E. Filter

Hello everyone, it is matt and Rob again and it is time for Episode 2 of Poolside repair, this show we install a DE pool filter. Diatomaceous Earth material for pool filters and a great choice for any pool with small gritty debris.

Patrick, in Lake mary Florida called us because he was dealing with a serious tree oil issue, specifcally cedar oil in his pool. His old single cartridge filter was not doing to job so he wanted to upgrade to the Hayward Pro Grid 60 SQ. ft. – DE6020. DE filters can catch dirt and debris as small as 1-3 microns, while cartridge filters can only capture particles 10 microns in width.

The general outline for the install is:

  • Remove old filter
  • Set in filter, to plan for replumbing
  • Attach plumbing lines
  • Add DE

But of course , nothing in pools is that simple, so let’s head to the pool and get to work. Also, we have a basic outline of the steps below the video in case you want to follow along.

Equipment used for this install:

Part 1 – Cut Power, Plan Before you Cut Pipe

Before cutting PVC pipe to remove your old filter, examine the layout of your equipment pad. Try envision how the new filter will fit on the pad so you can make the most efficient cuts as possible,

ou DE filter installationThis will help you assess what is the best way to situate the new fitler and valve to lessen the amount of replumbing.

Part 2 – Remove the Old filterhow to install a de pool filter

Use  a hacksaw or PVC cutters to remove the filter. If your PVC pipe seems brittle, use the  hacksaw because it is less likely to crack or splinter the pipe. While making the cuts, be mindful not to cut more pipe than necessary. Remember measure twice, cut once.

In our installation, the filter was screwed into the equipment pad. Though not overly common, check for securing screws or you’ll throw out your back trying to lift it.

Part 3 – Replumbing

can i install a de filter myself

With the old filter out of the way we can set the DE filter onto the equipment pad for the first time. At this point, we install the valve pipe adapters and finalize the plan for plumbing in the filter we make the final plan for piping in the new filter.

Plumbing obstacles for this install:

  • The overhang of the multiport valve means we must point it away from the pump, causing us to extend the pipe.
  • The intake and discharge for the DE filter are higher and on the opposite side opposite side of the original  cartridge filter’s pipe ports. This means we have to route bot pipes around and up to the valve, hopefully, with as few turns as possible.
  • Intake and discharge of valve are higher that cartridge causing us to angle the pipe.

Part 4 – DE Filter Quick Start-up Guide

Now that the filter is in place, we can start to get our pool up and running again; the steps are simple:

  1. Prime the pump with garden hose, turn pump breaker
  2. With the pump primed and running use the filter’s air relief valve to evacuate remaining air
  3. Remove skimmer cover, slowly add recommended amount of DE (check filter’s owner’s manual) through the skimmer. Wear mask during this step.

9 thoughts on “Poolside Repair: How To Install A D.E. Filter

  1. Does the filter come totally assembled and ready to use? Do you have to open it and check inside before installing?

    1. I’d like to know the same. We just had the exact filter replaced and it seems to be leaking from all the seals. We had lube put on a couple and that stopped them. But it’s still leaking from the air pressure relief valve on top. I’m wondering if something was supposed to be done to it, that it wasn’t just “plug and play”. This was a brand new filter, right out of the box. Done by our local pool professionals.

  2. There was no showing of a backwash line installed I assume that there is one off of the multi port valve

  3. I can’t imagine that DE would be a good thing for regular cartridge filters. It doesn’t take much debris to clog up standard cartridge filters an seriously restrict water flow. The DE filter I purchased has a very different design than the 4 cartridge system it replaced.

  4. In your Part 3, you might add a picture or diagram to illustrate your terms: “overhang”, “loop to loop”, “intake and discharge….higher than cartridge”. Otherwise good presentation.

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