Why did my chlorinator explode?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question: Why did my chlorinator explode?

We added granular chlorine to a chlorinator and it exploded. What could be the main reason for the explosion?

I hate to do this but I am going to answer a question with a question, did you mix two different types of chlorine? Something new pool techs and homeowners alike have learned the hard way is that different types of chlorine do not interact well with one another. If you mix calcium hypochlorite with trichlor tabs then add water, you are going to have a mess on your hands. 

… Assuming you still have your hands, after it goes off….

Some precautions to take to avoid this outcome is to never mix chemicals, especially dry and liquid chlorine; if you use a bucket to dissolve chemicals, use different buckets for the various agents. And this is not about explosions but more about protecting yourself, always add chlorine to water never the opposite, dust and splashing can harm lungs or your skin.

More Information on this Topic: Bad Pool Chemical Combinations

OSHA Link – Accident: 170572473 – Employee’s Head Lacerated When Chlorinator Explodes

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