PVC Pool Pipe Dimensions

PVC Pool Pipe Dimensions

Many people have questions on what size pool pipe they have. You would think that 1-1/2″ pipe or 2″ pipe would measure 1-1/2″ or 2″ but that would be too easy. I thought the easiest tool to help determine your pool pipe size would be a few pictures along with dimensions. I hope this helps!

1-1/2" pvc pool pipe1-1/2" pvc pipe fitting 2" pvc pool pipe2" pvc pipe fitting2-1/2" PVC Pool Pipe

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  1. I’m adding onto our house and need to re-route part of my inground pool pipes.
    1. I’ve dug the new trench
    2. I’m going to (block pool jets and drains) dig down to pipes, tap into each pipe with a 45 angle, then run new pipes into new trench

    Of the 11 total pipes, all are 2″ except for the spa suction which is 2 1/2″. Given I’ve got to run about 60 feet, I wanted to step that 2 1/2″ down to a 2″ because the larger pipe is hard to find and twice as expensive…

    Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated

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