4 thoughts on “Should I Replace My Pool Pump Motor Bearings?

  1. In the past 40+ years I’ve replaced the bearing in Hayward 3/4 hp pump two times. Sealed bearings are readily available at local bearing stores. I keep an extra set on hand because there’s no warning when they start to go bad. No special tools needed for THIS pump.

    1. If you ask 100 homeowners if they have a wrench or a screwdriver, I think at least 90 percent would say yes. If you ask the same 100 homeowners if they have a bearing puller, I am pretty sure it’d be less than 10 percent. That feels and sounds like a special/uncommon tool to just have on hand to me. Hayward gets their motors from Century-Regal Beloit, the same as most of the major manufacturers in the pool industry.

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