How Long Does a Swimming Pool Salt Cell Last

Video: Poolside Chat Episode #5 Salt Chlorine Generator Cell Lifespan

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:

  • How long should a swimming pool salt cell last?

Poolside Chat Episode #5 Video

Watch the video it’s easier than reading 😉

This is Poolside Chat where every week we answer your questions on how to fix and maintain your swimming pool. Poolside Chat is presented by, helping pool owners find the right parts since 2001. Now here’s your host Matt and Rob.

Rob: Hello and welcome back to another enthralling episode of Poolside Chat presented by I’m Rob.

Matt: And I am Matt. I love the word enthralling, but captivating is superb.

Rob: Well, we’ll agree to disagree.

Matt: You’re wrong. All right, well our question today is going to focus on salt chlorine generators. It’s from Nicholas, he’s in Washington. Nicholas wants to know how often should he need to replace a salt cell on his system, Rob?

How often should I replace the salt cell in my pool? ~ Nicholas in Washington

Rob: Well Nicholas on average your salt cell is going to last three to five years. Now it could be shorter or longer depending on a few different variables. One would be if you oversize your salt system. Let’s say you have a 20,000 gallon pool and you get a 40,000 gallon system, you’re salt cell is going to last longer. If you only go with the 20,000 gallon system, it’s not going to last as long.

Matt: Also, you want to make sure that you always clean your salt cell on a regular maintenance schedule.

Rob: Like once a month.

Matt: Yes, some people only clean their cell when that “inspect cell” light is blinking. I would compare that to only getting your oil changed when that engine light comes on, on your car. Something is horribly awry and you should have done it a month ago. So always make sure that there’s a maintenance schedule on cleaning your salt cell. You can also add chemicals to your pool water to help prevent scaling. Rob?

Rob: Yes something like Natural Chemistry Cell Protect or Jack’s Magic Purple Stuff. Either one will work. Basically they protect the cell from scale forming on the cell. Scale is bad for the cell.

Matt: Yes, scale is bad, I believe scale is just calcium so what those kinds of chemicals do is give the calcium molecule a big old hug and say you can’t go anywhere. Don’t you touch that titanium on my salt cell, you get away from it. I like you too much and then your cell’s safe. That may not be the exact science on it, but it’s pretty close.

Rob: Don’t quote us on that.

Matt: Don’t quote me on that.

Rob: I’m sure we’ll get comments.

Matt: Yes. If you have a better explanation, then–

Rob:  Go for it.

Matt: — put it in the comments below. I may or may not read it. [laughs]

Rob: We’ll read it.

Matt: Yes, well someone will read it. Nathan will read it, right Nathan? Nathan is the camera guy, he doesn’t talk. But I think that that pretty much does it for that question. It’s been a pretty enthralling time, captivating even.

Rob: It’s been a pleasure.

Matt: Yes, nothing superfluous was said. Everything was on point. It was super fantastic. If you have any other questions or you just want to speak to us because we’re nice, you can always call INYOPools at 877-372-6038 or you can email us at We also would love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Finally you can subscribe to our newsletter, and once you do that you do get our Free 128 page pool maintenance guide, that you can flip through and it covers pretty much everything we’re going to be covering in these videos as well as our swimming pool how-to guides. But you don’t get the chance to look at these beautiful mugs in front of you.

Rob: Yes.

Matt: I mean look at this guy, look at this guy. He’s Clooney, he’s the Clooney of pools.

Rob: I get it all the time.

Matt: Yes, no one says that [laughter]. Yes, we had a fun time. Hopefully it was educational. Contact us at any of the ways I mentioned before. Rob, are you ready for next week?

Rob: Well in my best Bart Scott voice, can’t wait.

Matt: All right, bye.

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