What does my pool diverter valve control?

What Does My Valve Control?

12 thoughts on “What Does My Valve Control?

  1. hi,
    We just purchased a home with an ingound pool and we are having troubled figuring out how to set the filter to vacuum well and also what positions control what water flow and suction. Nothing is labeled. Im not sure how old it is. The house was built in 99 but the pool was added after that. We are lost.

  2. Hello Matthew,
    We purchased a pool with an in ground pool. Even the guy that cleaned the pool said just leave them
    where there at and don’t change them. Just read your article on “what does my valve control”.
    Thank you!! I NOW KNOW what each valve does. I thought my shallow end skimmer was broke
    since it never seemed to run. Turns out the valve was never turned on! Thanks again.

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