What Equipment Can My Pool Automation System Control?

What Equipment Can My Pool Automation System Control?

Figuring out if your pool automation system controls this or that piece of equipment can be a little bit confusing. Your automation system may only be able to control its own manufacturer’s product or manage a mismatch of other manufacturers’ equipment. This guide will show you a few of the most common automation systems and the types of equipment they can control. 

What Equipment Can My Pool Automation System Control - Chart


The automation systems have a few more standard pool pump features than we’d find in the other categories. All the models listed can fully control the single, dual, and their OEM variable-speed motors. Going forward, when I refer to OEM it means the same manufacturer makes the automation system and piece of equipment.

Our automation group falls short on fully controlling the standard replacement variable-speed motor, the VGreen. The 1.65 and 2.7-horsepower models can only be turned on and off via your automation panel. You need to access the motor’s mounted control to adjust pump schedules and RPM speed for the VGreen VS.


The replacement LED color-changing bulbs, like the J&J and PureLine, have some crossover functionality. The J&J ColorSplash can be turned on/off and cycle through light shows with most of the controls listed. You should have full functionality if your automation system lists the IntelliBrite 5G as a programmable option. In contrast, an automated control can only cycle on and off the PureLine CrystalPure. If you wish to cycle through light shows, you need to use the old light switch flick.

For most controls, incandescent, OEM color-changing, and white LED lights are an on/off function only. A dimmer function is a special add-on for the Hayward ProLogic.


Your automation system should be able to cycle the the pool heater on/off and adjust temperature regardless of the combination of manufacturers. The only caveat is that the heater must have a digital control for automation to adjust the temperature.

Salt Chlorinators

All the listed automation systems are “salt ready,” which means the control can fully control its manufacturer’s OEM salt cell (Hayward = Turbo Cell, Pentair = IntelliChlor, and Jandy = AquaPure). In addition, cells can be plugged directly into the automation system. So, you will not need the standard salt chlorinator controller. 

Salt cells are not cross-compatible with other manufacturers’ automation systems. So, if you want to add an AquaRite to an EasyTouch, you would need to purchase the complete AquaRite with control for it to work. In addition, mismatching manufacturer controls and salt chlorination systems will generally only allow you to turn the system on and off without any output adjustment functionality. 


The automation systems should fully control any actuator commonly used on pool plumbing like the Jandy 2444, Hayward GVA-24, and the Pentair/Compool PTV.

If you have any questions about your automation system, please feel free to leave a comment down below.

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