2 thoughts on “Why is my pump losing prime when I vacuum my pool?

  1. This is a problem I am having and all the suggestions in the video for me are not an issue as I have a new hose, no air in hose and o ring is still good, no signs of wear. Pool filters water for me at a good PSI, but when I try to vacuum using skimmer and skimmer basket inside it drops the water level in pump and gage reads zero until I remove the skimmer cap for vacuum hose and let the system reprime. The sta rite aid has water up to the top with very little air bubbles in it on the pump side. Do I need to rebuild my pump?

    1. If the problem only pops up when you add the vac plate and hose, the problem is with one of those parts. If the pump can self-prime after you disconnect the hose and vacuum plate, then it is working as it should. Try removing the skimmer basket when vacuuming or get a different hose.

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