How To Prevent Swimming Pool Evaporation

Did you know that the number one way swimming pools lose water is through evaporation? According to the Department of Energy, 70% of water loss in pools and spas is through evaporation. Of course, you also have leaks- which probably accounts for the second reason. But, how can you tell the difference? How do you prevent swimming pool evaporation?

Are you losing water because of everyday science or are you losing water because you have a leak somewhere? Honestly, both answers warrant an explanation, don’t you think? Let’s dig a little deeper.  (more…)

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How To Maintain and Repair Your Multiport Valve

A sure way to help keep your swimming pool clean is to actively maintain and repair your multiport valve before it gets to the point of no return. The multiport valve on your pool filter is essential. In fact, it acts sort of like the steering wheel on your car. The multiport valve controls the direction you want the pool water to flow in.  By maneuvering the multiport valve, you can rinse, backwash, or filter your pool water.

In this blog post, we provide tips, tools, how to guides, and videos on how to maintain and repair your multiport valve properly.


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Why Does My Swimming Pool Have Foam?

Swimming pool foam can be a huge distraction in and outside of your pool. Foam, or bubbles, make the water feel sticky and can make swimming uncomfortable for some. Good news for the kids, though, a foamy pool is safe to swim in. Still, we always recommend getting rid of the foam as soon as possible.

But, how did it get there in the first place?

This blog dives into what causes pool water to foam and explains how pool owners can prevent foam from forming.  (more…)

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My Pool Pump Runs On Low Speed But Not On High Speed

It’s really frustrating when you purchase an expensive item, install it, and it immediately malfunctions. For most pool owners, troubleshooting single speed pumps can be tricky and annoying and time-consuming and… Well, you get the point. Now, imagine the frustrations you experience while troubleshooting your dual speed pump. Over the last few months, we’ve come across customers experiencing problems with their dual speed pump. The common complaint is, “My pump runs on low speed but not on high speed.”

As the heart of your pool system, it’s absolutely necessary to keep your pool pump operational. The purpose of this blog post is to help pool owners determine why their dual speed pump runs on low speed but not on high speed.  (more…)

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Why Does My Pool Have No Chlorine?

Have you ever tested your swimming pool water and couldn’t get a chlorine reading? Figuring you must have done something wrong, you retest your water. Still no reading. So what do you do? Add chlorine, right? After days of adding chlorine and testing chemical levels, you still have no chlorine reading. At this point, your attitude turns from curious to annoyed.

Are your chemical levels imbalanced?

Are you using a reliable pool water test kit?

These are just two questions that need addressing before you can get to the real question, why does my pool have no chlorine? 

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