Which Pool Shock Do I Use?

Which Pool Shock Do I Use?

If you’ve ever shopped for pool shock, then you have absolutely asked yourself, “Which pool shock do I use?”

Did you know there are different types of shock for different types of scenarios? In fact, pool shock also differs by the type of pool you have. For example, you might use a different type of pool shock for a vinyl pool than for a concrete pool.

So, how do you determine which type of shock is suitable for your pool needs?

To help pool owners determine which shock they need, we created an easy chart that should narrow down their options before making a purchase.

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Cal-HypoDi-Chlor*Liquid/Sodium HypochloriteNon-Chlorine
Concrete PoolXXXX
Vinyl PoolXXX
Fiberglass PoolXXXX
Green PoolXXX
Low ChlorineXX
High ChlorineX
Low pHXX
High pHXX
Low CalciumXX
High CalciumXXX
*  We only recommend using Di-Chlor if the stabilizer is less than 70 ppm

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