How To Change the Displayed Cell Size on an Aqua Rite SCG


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The Aqua Rite SCG uses one of 4 Cell sizes - t-15, t-9, t-5, or t-3. The Cell size displayed in the Display diagnostic messages has to match the installed cell size to ensure proper operation including salt calculation. This guide shows you how to change the displayed cell size to match the installed cell size.

Step by Step


Step 1

Push 8, Cell Size - With the Display showing its default value of "Average Salt Level". Push the Diagnostic Button 8 times to bring up the "Cell Size". It will read one of 4 values; t-3, t-5, t-9, or t-15. In this case the display is showing "t-9". The installed cell size is t-3. So we need to change this displayed value from t-9 to t-3. To make this change we will bump the value from t-9 to t-15 to t-3 as follows.

Step 2

SLIDE MAIN SWITCH UP - Slide the Main Switch from Auto to Super Chlorinate. The display will show a cell size of "t-15".

Step 3

SLIDE MAIN SWITCH DOWN - Slide the Main Switch back down to "Auto" to save the new cell size value.

Step 4

SLIDE MAIN SWITCH UP - Slide the Main Switch from Auto to Super Chlorinate. The display will show a cell size of "t-3".

Step 5

SLIDE MAIN SWITCH DOWN - Slide the Main Switch back down to "Auto" to save the new size change of t-3. So now the installed cell size matches the displayed cell size.


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 Posted: 7/4/2019 

My Aqua Rite reading shows "COLD" even though the water temp is 92! I've checked cell settings, turned power off then back on, etc. Unit was working fine until today and can't find info on why the board reads as it does. Suggestions? Thank you.h

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/9/2019 

From the Aquarite manual: "Inspect the cell for calcification. Clean the cell & reset the average salt reading. If the message still appears AND the water temperature is not greater than 139F or lower than 51F, then go to 5B.Verify the cell is not directly downstream of a running chiller or heater. If directly downstream, this could cause false temperature readings, otherwise replace the TurboCell.To override a “COLD” message for 24 hrs., move the toggle switch from OFF, up to Super Chlorinate (without stopping on Auto). This will override the message for 24hours. If the system reads “HOT” it is possible the temperature sensor (within the cell) has failed and the cell will require replacement. "

 Posted: 4/11/2019 

I do not have the option on my aqua rite 20 to select a cell...I only have 8 "displays" and the cell is NOT one of them......ideas???

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/16/2019 

Do you know the revision of your Aquarite board? I believe you have to press the diagnostics button seven times to see the revision.

 Posted: 4/25/2019 

My sw rev is 1.4 and I too cant see the cell version. Anyone figure this out?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/25/2019 

You won't be able to see the cell number on rev 1.4. The AquaRite 20 employed a main board that had a revision less than rev 1.5 and will only work with a T-cell-5.  You can replace the T-cell with a T-cell-5 or, if you prefer to have more options, upgrade the main board using # GLX-PCB-RITE. Then you could choose the cell size 3, 5, 9, or 15.

 Posted: 8/14/2019 

I have the same issue. Will the current LED display board work with the GLX-PCB-RITE board or will I have to update it as well?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/14/2019 

Yes, the current display board will work with the GLX-PCB-RITE.

 Posted: 1/12/2019 

How do I follow this process with a Aqua Logic Goldline Contols; change cell from T-15 to T-3. Thanks

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 1/15/2019 

Step 1 - Press the ‘Menu’ until ‘Configuration Menu-Locked’ appears. To unlock, press and hold the (<) & (>) until the text, on the display, changes from ‘Locked’ to ‘Unlocked’. Step 2 - Press the (>) until ‘Chlor. Config.’ appears on the display. Press the (+) button, one time, to enter into the Chlorinator Configuration screen. Step 3 - The display should show ‘Chlorinator Enabled’ if not, press the (+) button to Enable it. Then press the (>) two times. Step 4 - If the cell type shown does not match the model plumbed-in, press the (+) or (-) until it matches. Then press the ‘Menu’ to exit. If TCELL3 is not an option, you have an older Aqua Logic revision and the T-3 will not work.

 Posted: 6/24/2018 

I have been trying to figure out why my inspect cell and check salt indicators stayed on once my replacement Hayward cell was installed. I did everything....cleaned the filter, backwashed, re-installed the cell, went thru every “how-to” guide and troubleshooting video and FINALLY I came across this feed and discovered that the cell setting was my problem all along. Somehow, or for some reason, when I swapped the cell, even though I went from a T-15 to a T-9, it changed on the board and I didn’t realize it. My next step was a service call.

 Posted: 7/22/2017 

any luck with that ? mine deosnt show cell size either

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/19/2017 

Jexner - Some of the older Aqua Rites may not have the same sequence of diagnostic displays. Push the button until you see one of the four cell sizes: t-3, t-5, t-9 or t-15. If you still can't bring up the cell size, call Hayward at 866-772-2100. They should be able to help you further.

 Posted: 5/17/2017 

If I push the button 8 times. I am back where I started. It does not show the cell size.