How To Clean Out a Pool Pump Impeller


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Is your filter pressure running low or does your pump motor sound strained? Was your pool pressure fine a week or so ago? Do you have an automatic floor vacuum that is barely moving on the pool floor? If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, your pump impeller could be clogged with debris. This especially holds true if you have palm trees around your pool as the fine hairs of the palms tend to clog things up. The location of the pool pump impeller is shown in this cut-away of a pump.


Step by Step


Step 1

Before you tackle the impeller, check to see that your filter and pump skimmer basket are clean. To see our How To Guides on these procedures click How To Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter, and How To Clean Out the Pool Pump Strainer

Step 2

If you have a floor vacuum, check to see if any of the hoses are cracked. To do this – with the pump running – pull the hoses above the water one by one and bend them back and forth. If you hear air coming from any hose, throw it out.

Step 3

If these efforts have not increased your filter pressure, you now need to look at a possible clogged impeller. Collect a coat hanger and a pair of pliers

Step 4

Turn off electricity going to the pump motor at your circuit breaker, not just the timer. You don’t want the pump to turn on when you are working on the pump.

Step 5

Remove the pump basket lid and the pump basket

Step 6

With the pliers, make a small hook about 1/2” - 3/4” at the end.

Step 7

Bend the wire a bit about 6" up so you can maneuver it.

Step 8

Insert the wire slowly into the opening leading to the impeller until it stops. Now fish around for debris.

Step 9

Pull it out and clean it now and then. You may be surprised at how much comes out (especially if you have palms around your pool).

Step 10

Once you are done, put the pump basket back and with a garden hose, fill the housing with water in order to prime the pump correctly. Replace the pump lid.

Step 11

Turn on the electricity at your circuit breaker, and then turn on you pump.

Step 12

If your pressure is still low, have a professional look at your pool as there could very well be something else wrong.


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 Posted: 5/22/2019 

Great tip on cleaning the impeller, worked like a charm to bring my pressure back up to normal, thanks!

 Posted: 5/17/2019 

Awesome advice... Simple fix we needed! Thanks a million

 Posted: 5/16/2019 

My pump runs fine on all settings except filter after 1 hour of use i lose all suction in skimmer basket. Im guessing that is the prime. I have done these steps and still dont suck

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/21/2019 

What type of filter do have? Also, is your water clear, cloudy or green?

 Posted: 3/2/2019 

All of my problems were resolved on Step 2: one of the hoses was cracked. I replaced it and now the pressure remains steady. Thanks!

 Posted: 1/8/2019 

I have a 1.5 -1.65 hp rated pump runs my fountain. Cleaned the impeller and used a shop vac on it. Amazing results!! Thank you!!

 Posted: 11/1/2018 

Impeller cleaning worked a treat. Thank you for the detailed solution to all possible problems. Well done.

 Posted: 3/31/2019 

Same here. Cleaned the impeller as described and worked like a charm.

 Posted: 8/13/2018 

Worked like a champ!!! Thanks for the info!

 Posted: 8/10/2018 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was dreading calling someone out to look at my pressure issue that seemed to come out of nowhere, when I found these instructions on cleaning out the impeller. We've had a lot of storms lately, and there was quite a bit of debris in there. My pump is working like new again. I am so grateful.

 Posted: 5/26/2018 

Thank you so much for the valuable information. this corrected the problem immediately. Very detailed instructions.

 Posted: 5/23/2018 

Thanks for the great tip! I had to actually expose the impeller and push a wire through the ports to get all the pinon tree needles and disintegrated pool cover "blue dots" that clogged the impeller. Pressure is now back to normal.

 Posted: 5/21/2018 

Thank you so much for the idea. I was sure I had created a major problem opening this year. Started vacuuming debris with the filter basket still sitting in my winter storage box. Took a break, did some Googling, found your video and had the impeller cleaned of pine needles in minutes. Full pressure restored and everything is running. I'll keep bookmarked because I know I'll need help at some point this year!

 Posted: 4/20/2018 

thanks for the help was able to clean out impeller with pressured water pump is now working great.

 Posted: 3/10/2018 

That worked! I was sure I was in for an expensive visit from the pool repair company. I just used a hose with a high pressure nozzle. A few leaves came out and the problem was solved.

 Posted: 2/24/2018 

Thank you so much. This was the problem. I wasn't able to use a hook to clean out the impeller, but reaching in I could feel all the debris and once clean, the pressure rose and the pool was good to go. I so appreciate your help!!!!

 Posted: 10/4/2017 

Thank you for this site!!! Thought I was going to have to call someone out, but it was the impeller (which I've never heard of) blocked. FYI, i used my hose with a high pressure nozzle to clean it (the hangar wasn't effecitve for me). Again, Thanks!!!

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/30/2017 

SM - If you have sand getting into your pools, you may have problems with a broken lateral, lateral hub or standpipe. If you haven't changed your sand for 5 or more years, it may be time which will allow you to check your lateral assembly.

 Posted: 7/27/2017 

I did my backwash and now I have a problem. I get sand deposits at the bottom of my pool. In addition water flow is very weak. When I put my valve into circulation position water runs as it should be. So I believe that backwashing somehow caused my trouble. Is it possible that laterals are clogged. Any chance to repair this without changing sand.



Anonymous  Posted: 7/24/2017 

Thanks. Just fixed the low pressure that's been puzzling me for a few weeks. I don't think my impeller is the same as the one shown. I can poke my fingers around the impeller to get at any debris but the coat hanger had no where to go. I did get the hose and used high pressure spray into the impeller and lots of gunk came out. Turned the pump back on and the pressure was back up.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/24/2017 

Mimi Castellanos - It sounds like a good idea. It will clog up faster and need to be cleaned more frequently, But for people that have pine trees around their pool, it might be a good solution to frequent impeller clogs.

 Posted: 7/22/2017 

Thank you for this information on the pump impeller. I have added a skimmer "sock" to my pump filter basket. It really seems to keep the debris out of the pump area and the filter. It works so well that i am wondering if there is a reason everyone doesn't use this? It is basically like putting a woman's stocking over the top of the filter basket. water goes through but nothing much else. is this a good idea or does it restrict water flow?

Anonymous  Posted: 7/4/2017 

Bent hanger and some finger work cleaned out the impleller. Floor vacuum working great now. Thanks for great tip!!

 Posted: 6/25/2017 

Fixed the problem with a bent hanger and fingers. Saved money. Thank you.

 Posted: 6/25/2017 

I found your website after a google search. Started with the priming instructions. Made the pump flow better but was still weak. Instructions led me to this impeller clean-out page. Pulled a gob of palm tree hairs out of the pump. Running like new. I'm a fan and customer for life. Excellent instructions. Thank you. ...People, follow their instructions, they work, don't give up.

 Posted: 6/16/2017 

Great site! Helped us out greatly.

 Posted: 6/14/2017 

Found the site, figured the problem only thing left to say is that I am glad there are some really clever people out there!!


Anonymous  Posted: 6/4/2017 

AWESOME!! Thank you for this article, it saved me as well, had low pressure, tried a bunch of things (thought I had a slight blockage in the intake lines like I've had before, but I couldn't find it this time) and then came across this article... Cleaned out the impellor and bam, full pressure again!

Thanks again!


 Posted: 6/3/2017 

thank you,thank you...I had really low pressure.was scared my motor was going bad or something that was going to cost$$$.cleaned with a small brush .i couldn't believe what was in's all good now..great pressure..and 0$$...thanks again!

Anonymous  Posted: 5/25/2017 

Thank you, Thank you!!! 3 minutes and impeller clear!! What a time saver and money saver!! Up and running again!

 Posted: 5/21/2017 

Thank you!!! Your solution is the only one that came up on the first Google search that actually pertained to my problem - all the others ignored my low pressure issue and talked about high pressure. Since I have seen your advice before and knew you know what you are talking about I followed your suggestion and sure enough it worked like a charm (except for the clothes hanger - had to use my fingers, but with breaker off; no risk). I won't find your advice in a Google search anymore, you are now saved as my go-to site. Thanks, again.

Anonymous  Posted: 5/21/2017 

Thank you for this great explanation. My impeller was clogged and the fix was easy.

 Posted: 5/9/2017 

Agree with Ron, you guys Rock!
I was away a week and left my son in charge of pool and skimmer got overwhelmed with leaves a couple times and I returned to low pressure and checked usual suspects without answer then used your impeller clean out with hanger and much debris removed and pump back to full power.
Thanks again John


 Posted: 4/30/2017 

Wow ! Saved a lot of money by taking your advice on the impeller. That's exactly what it was. Thank you !

 Posted: 3/31/2017 

I was minutes from calling a service for low water flow and thought I'd check for postings. The directions for clearing the impeller were right on the money - it took 5 minutes. Water is flowing freely from all jets!

Thanks, thanks, thanks


 Posted: 3/30/2017 

This site has simply just saved me a few hundred dollars. This video of cleaning the impeller was so simple. I didn't know this was the problem for such low pressure, but I found debris in it and cleaned it out. Thank you again! I hate calling anyone out when I can do my own handy work!

 Posted: 3/29/2017 

Thanks for the tip.. Cleaned the impeller and pressure came right back.. Very easy!

 Posted: 3/22/2017 

Always looking to make great advice even easier----I use my shopvac and sucked out all sorts of debris. But the wire told me something was in there. Thanks for to tip.

 Posted: 3/15/2017 

Thanks for the advice. I was able to pull a bunch of leaves out of my impeller and saved calling the pool repair man!

 Posted: 3/12/2017 

Wow! Thank you so much. I spent two days with this problem. I turned off the breaker to the filter.
Probably not a great idea but I used my hand and pulled all kind of debris out. Our neighbor has an Oak tree. Leaves always in the pool.
Thanks again.