How To Repair a Hayward Aquabug Diver Dave or Wanda the Whale Cleaner

Written by:  Danny Rhodehamel

If your automatic pool cleaner is not operating efficiently, it may be time to replace the parts that are designed to wear. If you see significant wear on your cleaners shoes, wings or flaps, replace these parts to improve performance, and to prevent damage to the more costly components.

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Step 1

Turn your pool cleaner over and look at the cleaner's shoes. The picture at left shows an example of badly worn shoes. When the shoe is pushed up against the end of the pod, the shoe should extend above the surface of the pod or the pod will start to rub against the pool floor. This shoe should have been replaced before the surface of the shoe had worn below the surface of the pod.

Step 2

This picture shows a pool cleaner with new shoes. Note how far the shoe extends above the pod surface.

Step 3

Next inspect the pool cleaner's wings for wear and cracks. There is a wear line on each of the wings. When you can no longer see this line, replace the wings. The picture at left shows an example of a badly worn and broken wing. At 1, the wing has worn through by the peg that holds it in. At 2, the hole in the wing has worn to the point of breaking. Not shown - the tip of the wing has worn beyond its replacement line.

Step 4

Now inspect the pool cleaner's flaps (rear and front) for wear and cracks. The picture at left shows an example of a worn rear flap that needs to be replaced.

Step 5

When replacing pool cleaner parts, consider purchasing a pool cleaner tune-up kit. If one set of parts requires replacement, it's probably a good time to replace all of these parts. This kit includes a set of 4 shoes, a set of 2 wings, a set of 2 flaps (front and rear) and a screwdriver and brush to install the parts. When you purchase this kit, check to make sure you purchase the kit with the correct shoes. Shoes for concrete or gunite pools are different than shoes for fiberglass of vinyl pools.

Step 6

For ease in replacing these parts, disconnect the pool cleaner from its hose. Pull the hose straight off to avoid breaking the internal gears.

Step 7

To replace the shoes, first turn the pool cleaner on its back. Then insert a screwdriver between the shoe and the pod to pry the shoe off.

Step 8

Next dip a new shoe in the water for lubrication and press it onto the holes in the pod. Note, the two plugs on the shoe fit into two different size holes, one bigger that the other. This ensures that the shoes are properly attached. Press until you feel it snap into place. Repeat for the other three shoes.

Step 9

To remore the wings, first remove the plug above the wing from the pod.

Step 10

Remove the old wing by bending it slightly and lifting it off their hooks on the pod. Note: If any of the wing hooks are broken, you will have to replace the pod. See other "How To Guides".

Step 11

Place a new wing onto the pod hooks. There are markings for "R" or "L" on the wings and each pod. Make sure these match up.

Step 12

Replace the pod plug and tap then into place with the screwdriver handle. Repeat this process for the other wing.

Step 13

To replace the rear and front flaps, insert the screwdriver between the flap and the lower body, near the pivot point of the flaps. Gently pry the flap pivot point out or the hole in the body and slide the flap out. Repeat to remove the other flap.

Step 14

Note that the new flaps are marked "Rear" and "Front". Make sure to install the proper flap in the front and real of the unit. The rear of the unit has the screen in it. When installing the front flap, push the flap in place so that the pivot nibs engage the pivot holes in the body. Fold the flap in towards the bottom of the cleaner. There will be some resistance until the flap snap into place. Check that the spring is in place and that the spring action works freely.

Step 15

When installing the front flap, be sure that the extended leg of the spring is inserted into the notch on the front of the lower body.

Step 16

When installing the rear flap, make sure that the spring leg is placed on the cam on the rear flap adjuster. As the rear flap is pushed into place, it will snap into its normal operating position. Check that both flaps move freely and that they both spring up.

Step 17

Turn the pool cleaner right side up and look at the lower left side of the unit. Look for the rear flap adjuster, a round knob about the size of a pencil eraser with an arrow slot. You will see the Roman numerals I, II and II around the adjuster. With a screwdriver turn the slot so that its arrow points to the II. This is the normal operation level for the cleaner. I setting slows the pool cleaner down if it's climbing the walls; III setting speeds the pool cleaner up.

Step 18

Use the long-handled brush from the kit to clean the screen at the rear of the pool cleaner. This screen allows water to flow into the pool cleaner's steering mechanism. If the water flow is obstructed, the pool cleaner steering cannot function properly.

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User: Inyopools

Diver Dave kit - Here's the link to the Hayward Aquabug Diver Dave Repair Kit.


Where can I order the repair kit for Diver Dave as mentioned in your site titled "How To Repair a Hayward Aquabug Diver Dave or Wanda the Whale Cleaner", step number 5. I need the kit to repair my Diver Dave for a vinyl above ground pool. Thanking you in advance. Eric Brown

User: Bobcat

I think I need a new Aquabug

User: InyoPools

Debra - Unfortunately the springs are not sold separately. They are packaged with the pod kit, item # 3259-0018. If you have a pool store near you, you might see if they have any old parts from returned cleaners.

User: Debra

I need a sring,I replaced the shoes but there is a spring missing. I can't find one online yet. All the part pictures do not show the spring.

User: liz

ok so my diver dave is about 4 years old. he doesnt move very fast so we look for an adjustment as shown on youre settings and repair page,no adjustment to be found. is this adjustment something that has been added to the newer models or should ours have that adjustment somewhere we are not seeing ? Great escape states there are no adjustments on these models they have there own path and thats it. anybody help or should i drown diver dan and get a new cleaner ???thanks any help would be appreciated !!! liz

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Tips & Warnings

Check the hose periodically to ensure that there are no leaks in it.

DO NOT use the pool cleaner to clear excessive amounts of leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool - for example when it's first opened in the spring. Clean the pool manually and then use the pool cleaner to maintain it.

DO NOT coil the hose when storing it. If the hose maintains a bend from coiling it will not allow the pool cleaner to work properly and must be replaced.

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