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S.R. Smith Treo LED Light Series


Part # Mfg Code Item Color Used On Price  
3594-024 FLEDLCFG Clear Snap On Lens Clear PAL-2000 $38.99 Description

Model # Mfg Code Item Price  
WIRTRAN WIR-TRAN Wireless Lighting Control System
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$282.99 Description

Treo LED Light Series

50w, 12V, Underwater Light with 10,000 hour Xenon lamp, complete assembly with 79 ft. cord, locking
nut, and seal. Must use UL listed outdoor transformer. Light includes blue, green, and clear lenses

A soft evenly distributed light is now possible from the molded prismatic lens design that provides the PAL-
2000 with an outstanding illumination eliminating the end shadow effect common with other existing
pool lights. The PAL-2000 light is available with a 10,000 hour life xenon lamp or with a 100,000 hour
color change LED array. The PAL-2000 operates from a safe 12V supply and is UL approved. The PAL-
2000 has a unique extraction system allowing the light to be simply removed from the pool wall when the
lamp has to be replaced as illustrated below.

Recommended Coverage:

Light - Medium Interior Color: 200-225 sq ft.
Medium - Dark Interior Color: 175-200 sq ft.

  • NEW! Color synchs with Light Streams Products.
    The color PAL-2000 can color synch with the new 2010, CLS-2
    version of Light Streams LED water features.
  • Compact Size. 60% smaller than normal pool lights.
  • Flush Fit to Pool Wall. The other lights protrude off the wall.
  • Even Light Distribution. No other light has a flexible molded
    prismatic lens.
  • Side Light Feature. The end shadow effect common in other
    lights has been eliminated.
  • Long Lamp Life. Fitted with an extra bright, 10,000 hr 12v, 50w,
    xenon lamp.
  • Clip-On Colored Lenses. Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Clear.
  • Color Change Digital Array. Can be fitted with a 100,000
    hour color change LED Array with color lock on six different colors
    or two color change modes.
  • Fully Approved Product. UL Listed E239438
  • No Earth Bonding Required. Due to fully insulated design.
  • Non Leak Water Seal. No polycarbonate materials used to
    make the seal.
  • Flexible Lens. Absorbs pressure increase due to the expanding
    air when light is on.
  • Encapsulated Cable Terminations. Ensures no external cable
    or water seal deterioration due to heat.
  • Kits Available. PAL and WIRTRAN Wireless Light Control
    combo kits are available. See page 8.