12 Volt Actuator - 4412


Model # 4412

By Jandy



Model # 4412

Product Description

Jandy Valve Actuators JVA and NeverLube Valves ...the Perfect Match JVAs are the perfect complement to Jandy NeverLube Valves. Industry Standard, Jandy NeverLube Valves have diverter seals that are guaranteed for the life of the valve, making the JVA/NeverLube combination a durable automation solution. Perfect for O.E.M. Applications Original Equipment Manufacturers have found JVAs perfect for many of their automations applications, like solar heating. If you're an OEM, ask Jandy what we can do for you. Built-in Safety & Simplicity Installing JVAs insures that there will be no customer confusion. No callbacks for valve settings. And because JVAs can stop or start diverters in any rotation position, the danger of deadheading the pump is eliminated. Pool and Spa One-Button Control. With the single touch of a button on an AquaLink RS Control System, JVAs let you switch water circulation from pool to spa, control the spa overflow, and drain water. Easily Automate Fountains and Waterfall Features JVAs let you automatically control fountains and waterfalls and add convenient flow control to virtually any water feature. The Industry Standard. JVAs are the number one choice of plumbers, builders, and OEMs for one reason --- a reputation for quality.


?     Asked on 8/6/2015 by

I have a 12v controller and require a 12v valve actuator such as Jandy 4412. Can I still get this actuator or is there a substitute?

A     Answered on 8/8/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, This 12 Volt Actuator is no longer available and there is no substitute. I would recommend calling Zodiac at 1.800.822.7933 to see if the JVA Valve Actuator 24 Volt will work with your system.