Jacuzzi Shaft Seal 200 3/4" (10150209)



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DIMENSIONS0.825" X 1.4"

ALTERNATE PART #'S10150209, 351051115

Product Description

Pump motor shaft seal (10150209) for Jacuzzi Magnum pumps.  Also used on the Jacuzzi RC pump, Piranha Series, and the Splash Pak UD-S.  This seal also available in a heavy duty version PS3868 for pools with salt chlorine systems.

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Asked on 05/13/2016 by Dennis Henry

Is this shaft seal the same as the generic one pn 5250-102? I presume that if they are the same, that this one is the Jacuzzi original equipment version. Thanks..

Inyo Answer

Answered on 05/13/2016 by Product Specialist Charlie R.

Dennis,Yes, you are  correct. This is the OEM Jacuzzi seal.


Asked on 01/25/2012 by Guest

How do I change the shaft seal on my pool pump?

Inyo Answer

Answered on 01/25/2012 by Product Specialist Patrick P.

Changing the shaft seal is quite simple. Here's How To Replace a Pool Motor Shaft Seal.

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