1 Inch Chlorine Tablets 25 Lb. Pail

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Product Description
Chlorine Tabs 1"  
Pool Solutions 1 inch chlorine tablet is a powerful , stabilized slow dissolving completely soluble way to keep your pool water clean and safe. Pool Solutions 1 inch tablets are 90% available chlorine and stabilized to stay in the water longer, saving you time and money. Not all chlorine is created equal. Don't be fooled by less expensive imported chlorine sold all over the internet and in the big box stores. . . All of the Pool Solutions Line Is Made In The USA . High quality highly concentrated chlorine means you will use up to 40% less in your pool to achieve the same residual chlorine level.
  • Compares To BioGuard 1" Tablets
  • 90% available chlorine
  • 99% trichlor
  • EPA approved
  • Will not cloud water
  • Ideal for use in floaters, feeders, and skimmer baskets
  • 1 inch tablets are bulk wrapped for safe, easy handling
  • Complete instructions for dosage on container
  • Use approximately 25 tablets per 10,000 gallons

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25 lbs.
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3.39 $/lb.
Product FAQs


Q:Are the 1" tablets individually wrapped?

A:The 1" tablets are "bulk wrapped" meaning they are grouped together and bagged in quantities.


Q:How do I break chlorine lock?

A:One of the main reasons that chlorine can become "locked" is that too much stabilizer has accumulated over the course of time. Stabilizer (cyanuric acid) can build up over a long period of time, sometimes months or even years. Once the stabilizer reaches high levels, the chlorine in the water is useless. The only way to break the lock is to reduce the level of cyanuric acid in the pool. The quickest way to do this is to add fresh water to the pool. This will help dilute the acid levels in the pool so that the chlorine will become more effective. Pools should be partially drained and refilled (every 3 years or so).


Q:I just purchased a new pool. What chemicals do I need to keep it clean?

A:Congratulations on your pool purchase. To keep your pool nice and clean you will need a variety of chemicals. Feel free to browse through our Pool Chemical Guide. It provides quite a bit of information to help get you started.


Q:Can I pay for expedited shipping on my pool chemicals?

A:It is the policy of our shipping carrier, UPS, to not permit expedited shipping of possible hazardous or dangerous chemicals via air transit. This policy includes all pool chemicals making the only available delivery method for such items UPS Ground.

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) Very good value for what you get, like the individual 1lb bags

Reviewed By: from Lapeer, MI ()

Pros: individual bags

I've shopped for pool products and purchased from In The Swim and Water warehouse and their prices were alot higher than inyo. I bought a pool liner last year from inyo and I saw the exact liner from in the swim and it $40 more plus handeling and Inyo was obviously cheaper, as well as other products.

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) Great Product; Great Service

Reviewed By: from Dallas, TX ()

The tablets are portioned and wrapped in individual plastic bags ready for use - delivered to my front porch. Fantastic!

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) 1 inch chlorine tablets 25 lb. pail

Reviewed By: from Orange County California ()

Easy to order and fast delivery. Product packaged for easy use in smaller bags to preserve chlorine potency. Very happy with INYO Pool Products.

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