Bromine Tablets 50 lb. Bucket

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Product Description

Bromine Tablets 1" - Pool Solutions

The chemical sanitation treatment useful for both spas or pools. Works best at 2.0 to 4.0ppm. Its germ and algae killing is much less dependent on pH than is chlorine and there is no stabilizer build up."Spent bromine is still useful in killing bacteria. Do not dispense in skimmer.

  • For use in spas or pools.
  • Tablets are 1" in size. 
  • Tablets are bulk wrapped

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50 lbs.
Product FAQs


Q:Can I use a chlorine shock in my pool if I'm using bromine as a sanitizer?

A:If you are using bromine, you will want to use a non-chlorine shock. The non-chlorine shock will help sanitize the water through oxidation.


Q:I don't know if I should use chlorine or bromine in my swimming pool. What are the pros and cons of both?

A:Chlorine is a good choice for swimming pools. It costs less than bromine does and is stabilized unlike bromine. Chlorine is pH dependent and a fluctuating pH will affect how well the chlorine works. Chlorine also works better at lower water temperatures. Bromine is not stabilized, meaning the sun will burn it off quicker than chlorine. Bromine isn't as dependent on the pH levels and will still be effective at higher temperature levels.


Q:I use bromine in my spa. It smells very strong, and I would like to change to chlorine. Can I do that or are spa's specially equipped for the use of bromine?

A:If you are going to switch from bromine to chlorine, you would need to drain the spa and refill it with fresh water. Bromine is typically used in spas because it holds up better in higher temperatures while chlorine does not. If you want to reduce the amount of bromine you need,  you could use a Nature2 Spa Purifier which uses minerals to purify the water.


Q:What is the percentage of bromine?

A:This product is 98% bromine.


Q:I just purchased a new pool. What chemicals do I need to keep it clean?

A:Congratulations on your pool purchase. To keep your pool nice and clean you will need a variety of chemicals. Feel free to browse through our Pool Chemical Guide. It provides quite a bit of information to help get you started.


Q:Can I pay for expedited shipping on my pool chemicals?

A:It is the policy of our shipping carrier, UPS, to not permit expedited shipping of possible hazardous or dangerous chemicals via air transit. This policy includes all pool chemicals making the only available delivery method for such items UPS Ground.

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   (4 out of 5 Stars) Good Price on Bromine Tablets

Reviewed By: from North Tonawanda, NY ()

Pros: Good price, free delivery, fast service

Cons: product bag deteriorated

I was pleased with the ordering experience at your website, as well as your free shipping and $5 handling fee. The product was also delivered in a very timely manner. The only problem I encountered was that the plastic bags containing the bromine tablets had deteriorated and I have to pick up the loose tablets to load them in the bromine dispenser. I would have rated your firm a 10 had this not been the case.

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) Great bromine for price

Reviewed By: from West Chester pa ()

Best price on market. Look around you'll be right back here

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) A++ great product. Quick shipment

Reviewed By: ()

Pros: As described. Strong

Excellent product. Kept the pool sparkling.

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) Great Product at a Great Price

Reviewed By: from North Tonawanda, NY ()

Pros: Low Price, Quality Product, Quick Delivery

Every year I search the internet for the best price on bromine tablets and wins the contest. Lowest price, quick delivery and no shipping charges is a deal impossible to beat.

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   (5 out of 5 Stars)

Reviewed By: from Columbia Station, OH ()

Pros: Price

Cons: None

Bromine tablets same composition / strength as you buy from pool stores. Good price!

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   (4 out of 5 Stars) same quality

Reviewed By: from Cohoes, NY ()

Same performance as all the other Bromine tablets I've used before. But here is a plus based on anecdotal evidence - Used a fraction of the soda ash I normally use to control PH (but might be due to fresh load of water in the pool). No so good was the individual bags of tablets were falling apart but a minor issue.

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