Pool Cyanuric Acid Calculator

Pool Cyanuric Acid Calculator

Below, you’ll find a Pool Cyanuric Acid Calculator to help you determine the proper dosage for your pool.

Cyanuric acid (CYA), sometimes referred to as stabilizer or conditioner, protects your Free Chlorine (FC) from being consumed by sunlight. CYA sort of acts like an umbrella or sunscreen for your Free Chlorine. Without CYA your pool will not hold chlorine and will consequently turn green with algae.

On the other hand, if your pool has too much CYA, your Free Chlorine will not be effective and can also cause a green pool. We’ve provided a chart on this page that shows the optimal cyanuric acid levels along with the target free chlorine level.

Cyanuric Acid Calculator

Note: CYA levels directly affect the amount of FC required to effectivly sanitize your pool water. See the chart below for proper levels.
CYA/Chlorine Chart

Traditional Chlorine Pools

CYA Level (ppm)Minimum FC (ppm)Target FC (ppm)
Notice how higher CYA levels require more Free Chlorine to produce the same effectiveness.

Salt Water Pools

CYA Level (ppm)Minimum FC (ppm)Target FC (ppm)

*Not Recommended
Source: TroubleFreePool.com

We hope this Pool Cyanuric Acid Calculator and CYA/Chlorine chart help you with determining the proper levels for your pool.

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