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8 Reasons You Should Install an Above Ground Pool in the Off-Season

In most areas of the country, above ground pool installers are few and far between.  Here in Central Florida there are more installers than average and even with that they are hard to find. When you find us, it’s usually when you want your above ground pool installed which is in the summer. And that’s when we are all very busy.

People are funny. Not funny like a clown (take it easy, Joe Pesci). Just funny in that most won’t react until they feel like it, even if it makes sense to act well before that. Take having an above ground swimming pool installed for example. People call me in the off-season and we work out the details of installing their specific pool. During this process, I will encourage them to have the job done prior to the busy season of summer and they agree. Then, what do they do? They wait until May or June to call for the actual installation. Certainly they are disappointed when I tell them it’s going to be three weeks before I can get to them. And, if it’s a big project, I won’t even do it in the summer as it is too hot and I have too many other smaller jobs that I can do and not risk heart failure from the intense outdoor heat.

So, if you have found this blog post at a point where you are planning on having an above ground pool installed and you are not in a hurry, let me attempt to help us both by convincing you to get it installed in the off-season. Here are eight reasons to do so:

1) Have your pool installed any day you want

In the off-season we are not busy so our schedule is open. Want your installation done on the weekend? No Problem. Weekend installation in the summer? Problem.

building your own pool saves money2) Get a better price

I rarely give straight up discounts, BUT I will charge less for things that are extra during the off-season. If your installation is going to need extra digging or plumbing or you have tree roots, installers are more likely to charge less for these things when they are not busy. This can lead to pretty good savings.

3) If you live way out in the country

Pool installers have to cover a pretty big area for installations, but not as big when it gets busy. It doesn’t make sense to travel far during the busy season as there is plenty of work closer. Even with charging a travel fee, it’s often not worth the extra time and therefore many good installers will turn down the faraway jobs. Not in the lean months, though.

In the leaner work months, installers will go farther for work. They have bills to pay.

4) If you have an oval or a very large pool to get installedpanarama_oval

We may charge more for bigger pools, but that doesn’t mean we make as much per hour on them as the smaller ones. In the hot summer weather, it’s much more tolerable to do a job that is going to take six hours versus one that will take nine. I save the longer jobs for better weather, if I can. I usually won’t take on a big job in summer and some will wait for me. This means they missed out on at least a portion of the swim season. Had they chosen for me to do their installation in the prior spring, they would have enjoyed their pool for the entire season.

5) Want more help with the pool purchase and installation decisions?

When it’s cool outside and I’m not busy, I never mind spending extra time with customers by giving them my opinion on what pool to get, where to get it, what kind of options to get, how big, where to put it, and so on. Though, when it’s hot and I’m busy, I do mind. Installers don’t have time when it’s busy to hold anyone’s hand during this semi-major purchase. We just want to know what you have, where you are, and if your yard is level.

Contact us during the off-season, buy the pool, and then have us install it. We’ll be a lot more patient and happier.

6) Get a slightly better job ’cause it’s not insanely hot

it's too hot to to work
Thank you, Ron Burgundy

Good above ground pool installers have integrity just like anyone else who is good at what they do. When it’s super hot outside though, sometimes you have to rush things a bit. Believe me, I do as good a job as I can. However, when it is really hot outside I’ll sometimes have no choice but to cut a small corner here and there. Not because I’m lazy or the heat is making me lazy, but because I’m in a bit of a panic because my brain is frying and I need to finish. Caution: If you work indoors, you may not understand what I’m saying.

During the off-season, it’s nice outside. I’m much more likely to not only take the proper time to do the job, but may take extra time to make sure.

7) Get a slightly better job ’cause we’re not in a hurry

I can’t express how busy a good well-known above ground pool installer gets during the busy season. A private equity company executive coach once told me that every day counts, as we are trying to make money for the whole year in three to five months (depending on which part of the country). In June I may not know your name, my name, the dog’s name, and will forget who the president is.

This can have no choice but affect my job in every way. I may not remember talking to you (the customer) or any of the details of the job. I’ll still do a great quality installation, but you may not feel like I’m that good beforehand. During the off-season, though, I’ll remember every detail of our conversation and you’ll feel more special. And that’s always nice.

8) Installers will be more pleasant

Think of how you are at your own job. Are there days or times of the year where it is more pleasant to work? And if so, aren’t you easier to work with during those times?

Building above ground pools is tough. They never go together well and the earth is usually more of a challenge. Add some extreme heat and business to that and one might become slightly tough to work with. Building an above ground can be quite pleasant when it’s nice outside and that is better for the pool owner too. I promise.

3 thoughts on “8 Reasons You Should Install an Above Ground Pool in the Off-Season

  1. Dan:
    I have a question for you. I just had a new pool heater installed, and the cord is too short to reach the covered electrical outlet dedicated for the heater. (The pump draws its electricity from its own dedicated electrical box.) So, can I run a short extension cord from the pool heater to its dedicated electrical box? If so, what type of cord? Should I wrap it where the two cords come together? Thanks for any advice!

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