How To Identify Your Pool Pump Manufacturer

How To Identify Your Pool Pump Manufacturer

This article explains how to identify the manufacturer of your pool pump. Identifying the manufacturer and the model of your pool pump is important for finding replacement parts and corresponding manuals and troubleshooting.

The term “pool pump” refers to the complete assembly of both the pump housing and the motor together. When searching for pool pump replacement parts or for a new motor, you will need to know the manufacturer of the pump housing to determine the correct parts. It’s important to know where to find the appropriate information for each component. 

Step 1

Visit Inyo’s Pool Pump Parts Finder; Click on the name of your pump manufacturer which you located on the pump housing label. 

Step 2

Click on your pump model based on the model name, number, or visual match. 

Step 3

Use the pump diagram to locate the correct replacement parts.

Pump Housing vs Motor Manufacturers

The pump housing and the motor have two different manufacturers. 

The pump housing manufacturer label is commonly located on the pump housing itself. Hayward, Pentair, Sta-Rite, Pureline, and Jandy are some of the most prevalent pool pump brands.

If you are looking at a label that says Century, A.O Smith, US Motors, Emerson, or Magnetek, then you are looking at a motor manufacturer which is different from the pump housing manufacturer. These manufacturer names can not be used to find the correct parts for your pool pump. 

I Am Still Having Trouble Identifying My Pool Pump Manufacturer…

If you can not locate your pump model after following these steps, then you can send pictures of your complete pool pump as well as close-up images of all visible labels to We will do our best to identify your pool pump and help you find the correct parts. 

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