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Water Chemistry For Saltwater Pools

– BLOG UPDATED 9/25/17 Some pool owners have a misconception that throwing shock into the pool and owning a salt chlorine...
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What Is the Correct Pool Pump Motor Wire Gauge?

An important part of a new pump installation is the circuit wire used for the power source to motor connection. To...
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How To Identify Pool Stains (Jack's Magic Stain ID)

How To Identify Pool Stains (Jack’s Magic Stain ID)

In this video, we look at identifying pool stains using Jack’s Magic Stain ID Kit. Different pool stains require different solutions...
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How To Replace Grids In A DE Filter

February 3, 2020
The most common cause of D.E. powder coming back to the pool is a torn D.E. grid in the filter. In...
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