How to Fix a Hayward Star Clear Plus Lid - Not Tightening

How To Fix A Hayward Star Clear Plus Lid

In this video and guide, we explain how to repair a Hayward Star Clear Plus lid and knob in a few easy steps.

Reasons to Replace the Star Clear Plus Lid

  • Locking knob no longer tightens
  • Lid is cracked
  • Warped or brittle

Things You’ll Need

Steps to Replacing the Lid

  1. Turn off the pump at the breaker
  2. Open filter’s air relief valve
  3. Remove the lid from the filter
  4. Turn the lid upside down, then remove the white cone.
  5. Remove the metal C-clip with a flathead screwdriver to release the knob
  6. Remove plastic washed underneath C-Clip
  7. Turn lid right side up
  8. Remove the knob from the lid
  9. Lube knob o-ring, then slide the gasket into the kob stem’s gasket groove
  10. Slide plastic washer on the knob’s stem base
  11. Insert the knob into the lid, then set the lid upside down
  12. Place second plastic washed onto the knob stem, on the inside of the filter
  13. Snap c-clip into place, flush against the washer
  14. Place Cone over knob compartment
  15. Remove old lid gasket, clean gasket groove with cloth
  16. Lube the new gasket, then slide it into the lid’s gasket groove
  17. Re-install lid onto the filter housing 

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