How To Identify A Pool Skimmer And Parts

How To Identify A Pool Skimmer And Parts

In this guide, we’ll show you how to identify your skimmer model; and find its replacement parts using ID numbers and dimensions.


Where to Look: Its underside or Top

What You’ll See: The skimmer’s model number or the lid’s part number can be used to identify the unit. The model number can be entered into Inyo’s parts search, which will provide the whole skimmer page or a parts listing. The lid part number will bring up its replacement and/or the skimmer model’s parts listing.

The lid’s Top may have a stamp of the manufacturer’s logo. If you cannot find the identification numbers on its underside, use the manufacturer’s name to browse our skimmer’s parts listing page to identify your model.

Use Dimensions to Find a Match: For round lids, measure its diameter; measure its length and width for square or rectangle lids.


Where to Look: Basket Rim

What You’ll See: A skimmer basket’s part number can be found stamped into the rim, as this is non-perforated and the thickest part of the basket.

Feel around the edge of the basket’s brim for any raised script, which should be the identification number you’re looking for.

If you’re having trouble reading the part number, use a piece of paper and crayon to make a relief etching of the raised text. 

Use Dimensions to Find a Match: Measure the basket’s width and depth. Make a top and bottom width measurement if the basket tapers in at the bottom.


Where to Look: Varies

What You’ll See: Not all weirs have a part number; when they do, the placement can be on the front, back, or the edge. When looking for a weir part number, get a once (or many times) over to find it.

Use Dimensions to Find a Match: Measure the width and length of the weir itself. Also, note the connection types that attach it to the skimmer housing.

Do you have any topics you’d like covered in our Pool Care Basics series? If so, feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you’d like answered.

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