How To: Identify & Find Above Ground Pool Parts

How To: Identify & Find Above Ground Pool Parts

Hello, above ground pool owners. It’s Matt and Rob. We hope you’re doing great, but chances are if you’re on this post, your day is not going all that well. And that’s because your pool is broken and you can’t find parts. Well, in this video, Rob and I will review commonly replaced parts for above ground pools, their functions and the best way to find the part you need.

Let’s dig in.

We’ll start with the most commonly replaced part, the top cap. Now, these caps are part decoration and protection. Their job is to shelter the top plate from the elements and swimmers. Top caps can be either one piece or two-piece style. The latter has a cap-in support. Pool owners tend to lose these caps as the seasons pass.

Next, the top rail is the five to nine-inch wide brim of your pool, also known as a Daredevil’s favorite place to stand on an above ground pool. The top rail’s main function is to maintain the alignment of the pool’s uprights. Because the top rails are exposed to sun and water, they are one of the first parts that need replacing.

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Above Ground Pool Parts Listing

The Top Plate is the joining point for the upright, stabilizers and top ledge, making it important to keep these plates in good condition. The metal versions of these plates have a tendency to rust out.

The Stabilizer is  located underneath the top rail. It spans between the upright and assist in holding the pool wall in place.

The Upright supports the wall and provides vertical stability between the top rails and bottom rails. The uprights can become dinged, bent, scratched, or rusted but if your pool uprights show signs of weakness, they should be replaced immediately.

The Bottom Plate acts as the base of the upright and a joint for your pool’s bottom rims. Bottom plates, especially the steel kind, are one of the first parts to rust away on an above ground pool. They’re sitting on the bare ground exposed to rain, snow and lawn chemicals that can eat away at them.

The Bottom Rims suffer from the same issue. The rim serves as a track for the pool wall, leaving them sitting on bare ground. The metal bottom rims will begin to rust quicker if they’re withstanding water.

Okay, now we know what everything is and where it goes, but how do we find the part you need?

click here to find your Replacement Above Ground Pool Parts

Steps to Finding your Part: Option 1

Well, there are four steps to finding the correct part. The first and easiest step is finding a part number on the part you are replacing. Above ground pool parts, especially the resin style may have a part number printed on the component. If you find the part number, copy it down and search it on But what if the part number is not available?

Option 2:

If you can’t find the part number, then the next step is to find your pool’s paperwork. I know, easier said than done, but hopefully you have the owner’s manual stashed away somewhere. The manual will include a list of part numbers you can use in our search engine.

Option 3:

The third option is finding a match via measurements. This route is most effective with stabilizers, bottom rims and the top rail.

For stabilizers and bottom rims, you’ll measure the outside curve length, end to end straight length and the width of the end. With that information you can reference our common stabilizers and bottom rims page. The parts are sorted from shortest to longest by the outside curve length or A measurement.

Top rails are measured by length and width. Again, with those measurements you can reference our top rail page. The top rails are sorted from shortest to longest.

Option 4:

If you can’t find a part number on the piece itself, your pool’s paperwork is nowhere to be found, and measurements are not working, then there is only one thing left to do; contact INYO.

Contact Inyo. That’s right, with a few pictures of your pool, our part department will try to identify the make and model. All we need is a picture of the upright, top rail, top cap and wall pattern. It also helps if you provide additional information like age, size and material of the pool. With that information we’ll do our best to birddog your pool’s parts.

Just email those pictures to and we’ll get you up and ready for the pool season.

Check out our blog titled “Identify My Above Ground Pool. It has hundreds of pool pictures along with corresponding model names.

19 thoughts on “How To: Identify & Find Above Ground Pool Parts

  1. I have a 24 x 4 ft round sandstone pool, I bought it around 2006, this past year a few of the bottom and top track rails got bent and need to be replaced.. where can I get them I think I need 4 of each..

    1. Unfortunately, the above ground pool parts are not universal. Before we are able to recommend replacement parts, we’ll need to identify the pool. Can you please email us the following images to

      – Outside Pool Wall (Top to Bottom)
      – Top Cap
      – Top Rail
      – Upright

  2. I need the base rails for an older pool. Do you have parts for older above ground pools? How long does it take you to ship out parts like these if you have them?

  3. I sent several pictures I’m looking to find model name so I can find bottom rail and stabalizers I think? I bought my pool off a garage sale and am now kicking myself for it because we can find the parts we need

  4. I need replacement bolts for my galvenized 52″ x 33′ round pool, I do not know the brand. I misplaced them during a move.

  5. I’m trying to figure out what size/kind of return skimmer I need for my pool. Is there a way to measure to see or is there standard sizes for a 24 ft round above ground pool?

    1. The are two types skimmers, widemouth and standard. Unfortunately, each skimmer manufacturer has their own set of dimensions for those categories. But I use the rule of thumb for a/g pool skimmer replacements: replace it with the exact same model or go bigger. It guarantees the skimmer will fit, or you can cut a bigger hole to accommodate the larger size. Obviously, you can’t go smaller because there will be gaps.

  6. I have a question about Pool caps . I recently bought a used pool and paid someone to install it for me and everything looks great. However now I have contracted someone to build a wraparound deck completely around it and before he starts building up against the pool I thought it would be a good idea to replace the old pool caps as some of them seem to be loose. I bought some new caps from a local pool equipment dealer. However when I got home I thought all I would have to do would be is to remove the two screws on the bottom and click everything back in with the new pieces and then replace the two screws. However it seems now that there is another screw that is down on the bottom attaches to the post however here is the main question how do I get to that screw that is inside the post that is holding the bottom portion of the pool cap on to replace it without undoing the whole pool?

    1. Ok, first we need to figure out what pool you have. We might be able to find an instruction booklet or owner’s manual to help you get off the top cap.

      Do you have any make and model information?

  7. I just sent a email including pictures of my pool that I just had gotten from a elderly couple. Its a 17 yr old pool and I need the name of the pool and parts for it. Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi I need top caps and top rails for 24×48 islander above ground
        current top rails are metal 8 w x49l
        unsure to replace all 18 rails and top caps with metal or resin and are their universal ones ?

  8. I am in need of a bottom rim and the bottom stabilizers, when we took down the pool from the people we purchased it from there was non salvageable. They were so rusted that they just crumbled. The only number we have is to the top stabilizers and that number is 20661. There is no name on the pool either.

    1. As we say in the blog, if all else fails, send a picture of your pool.

      Contact Inyo. That’s right, with a few pictures of your pool, our part department will try to identify the make and model. All we need is a picture of the upright, top rail, top cap and wall pattern. It also helps if you provide additional information like age, size and material of the pool. With that information we’ll do our best to birddog your pool’s parts.

      Just email those pictures to and we’ll get you up and ready for the pool season.

  9. Just sent some pictures of my pool I’m looking for the bottom rail but I really don’t know if it’s a 27 or 28 foot pool

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