4 thoughts on “How To Prime a Pool Pump

  1. I just got a new cartridge filter. The pump has taken many minutes to prime ever since. Today it completely failed to prime.

    I followed your video steps and find that the water won’t go to the top of the pipe leading from it – only goes halfway up that pipe opening. Also the filter doesn’t seem to have a air bleed valve anywhere.

    My guy can’t come out this holiday weekend. I’m in Denver. Thanks!

  2. Hi
    What would cause my pump to lose its prime every day upon startup? I prime it every day like you show and it runs fine after that until the pump timer shuts off then you can hear air or water running back to the pool. I do have a small leak on the suction side of the pool near the top of the pump, could this cause it to lose its prime? What a pain in the neck.

    Dennis Stahley
    Myrtle Beach SC.

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