How to Remove Iron Stains

How to Remove Iron Stains

In this guide, we explain how to remove iron stains from your pool deck and surrounding fence in a few easy steps.

Cause for Iron Stains to Appear

  • Sprinkler System Using Iron-Rich Well Water
  • Storm Drain Runoff

Equipment You’ll Need

  • Pump & Spray Tank
  • Rust & Stain Remover – We’re Using Iron Out

How to Remove Iron Stains

  1. Apply stain removal solution to your fence or deck using a tank sprayer; other ways to apply this solution are roller, cloth, sponge, or brush.
  2. Allow the solution to set for 5-10 minutes. The stain should visibly begin to lighten.
  3. Immediately rinse the sprayed area and plant/lawn of any overspray with fresh water. Repeat if necessary.

Tip: Apply the solution to a small patch of the affected area as a test; if you see undesired results or effects, do not proceed.

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