How To Identify Pool Stains (Jack's Magic Stain ID)

How To Identify Pool Stains (Jack’s Magic Stain ID)

In this video, we look at identifying pool stains using Jack’s Magic Stain ID Kit. Different pool stains require different solutions for removal. Using Jack’s Magic Stain ID Kit, you will know exactly what chemicals to buy. No more wasting money on products that don’t work!

Jack’s Magic Stain Identification Kit allows you to ID the makeup of a pool stain, thereby telling you how best to remove it. The kit includes packets of the following:

  • Jacks Magic Iron, Cobalt & Spot Etching Stuff
  • Jacks Magic The Copper & Scale Stuff
  • Jacks Magic O2 Safe Shock

STEP 1: The first important step is to balance your pool water with stain identification and removal

STEP 2: After balancing your pool water within the above parameters, use a Jack’s Magic Stain IDentification
(ID) Kit™ (according to directions) to specifically determine which of the following treatments in STEP 3 will best
remove your swimming pool stain.

STEP 3: Follow directions for the stain removal treatment (see back for stain removal treatments) identified as
the best for your swimming pool stain.

If you get no apparent reaction when doing any of Jack’s Magic Stain ID Kit treatments, try using one of our sequestrants for six weeks and then trying the treatments again.

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