4 thoughts on “How To Repair A Dolphin Pool Cleaner

  1. Hallo, my Dolphin galaxy stops after self check. During the self check are both motors working quite well. Voltage is also fine. The smal smd led diode on pcb is then blinking slowly and everything stops. Is there any table of error codes which showing the LED ? Thank you very much …

    1. The information about these codes are usually listed in the owner’s manual that came with the cleaner.

      I tried looking up a Dolphin Galaxy, but the only manual I see does not mention any troubleshooting techniques, or error codes. There’s also no mention of a self-check or self-diagnosis program. I went to Maytronics-Dolphin’s cleaner database, and there was no other mention of a Galaxy cleaner.

  2. I get 29.2 volts dc on my Amphenol plug, but only 27 volts on the other end of the cable that plugs into the motor. Could this be the reason that the cleaner does not turn on?
    Looking forward to your advice.

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