5 thoughts on “How To Replace a pool pump motor shaft seal

  1. I want to say thank you for this video. It was clear and very helpful as I replaced my pump.
    Invaluable information for diy guys.
    Thanks again!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi there,
    I have a Hayward Super Pump SP2610X15 and replaced the shaft seals.
    The pump now leaks from the bottom, so I assume I either installed them incorrectly or damaged something.
    How can I tell what to do next? Should I try replacing the impeller? the shaft of the impeller wasn’t very pretty, but not sure that matters.

    1. The first thing to do is to open the pump and try to find where the leak is coming from. The stem of the impeller is likely corroded due to the old shaft seal being bad. If I had to bet, the housing gasket or shaft seal is sitting wrong. The stem of the impeller is sheathed by the shaft seal, so it is more of a passenger when it comes to sealing in the water.

    2. First things first, open the pump to try to determine where the leak is coming from. You have to know what you are dealing with before you can fix it. Changing the impeller doesn’t fix a leak. The impeller’s only job is to pull and push water; it doesn’t seal the pump. The shaft seal sheathes the impeller’s stem, so the seal should still be retaining water even if the stem was a little chewed up.

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