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  1. Greetings: I have an old 1996 3hp pac fab challenger (I dont know the gpm of this old pump but it is a powerful pump) And I want to replace it with a quieter more eco pentaire variable speed pump 3hp . I have a 15000 gallon pool and a single jet spa feed that overflows into the pool during circulation as a constant waterfall along with a polaris pressure side cleaner controlled by a jandy . When I use the spa I close off the spa feed, pool cleaner and the three pool jets and three pool suctions and turn on the 8 self aerating jets to the 10 person spa and the suction .All pool piping is 60 fet of two inch and the spa is atout 70 feet of 3 inch . Question which one of these can I buy and still enjoy the hard pressure I get in the spa at higher/Or highest speed?? There are so many I need good spa pressure but dont want to compromise eneergy savings without going up to a 5 hp.

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