Replace the Motor or the Bearings?

9 thoughts on “Replace the Motor or the Bearings?

  1. New motors are mass produced they will have good bearings in them , but not great bearings if one looks u can find all diff kinds of bearings . Example u take a pentair pump stator armature are fine But needs bearings. Put a set of full ceramic bearings in there and you have a rebuilt pump motor that will blow ANY new pump motor out of the water (no pun intended)

      1. yes they are costly cant deny that shop around and u will eventually find a decent price
        lets weigh pros and cons (and im not the brightest bulb on the strand just look at my spelling but lets try to list a few
        harder than steel with considerable less weight (messurable amount of less friction)
        they pull less electricity to perform more rotations
        maitnence free with noise
        wheather its a frosty wintewr morning or a schorching summer day (not to mention when the
        motor is running) steel contracs when it is cold expands when its hot and eventually starts to l
        loose its integrity
        ceramics size or shape wont change in these conditions

  2. I usually prefer to replace a motor with bad bearings, not just because of the aforementioned extra costs involved with getting all the tools together and the labor, but if you think about all the time the old motor has started, run, heated up, cooled down, the field windings will have dried out & cracked the moisture proofing varnish & it won’t be able to take much more running during rainy periods before it just shorts out & is a toasted motor . It’s a used up motor & usually isn’t worth the cost & trouble to replace the bearings. Bite the bullit & put on a new one.

    1. If a roommate took apart the motor, would it be best to replace it ?
      What would cost of labor be to install a new motor ?

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