How To Shock a Pool with Granular Chlorine

In this video, we demonstrate how to shock a pool with granular chlorine. These easy-to-follow steps will ensure that chlorine is added correctly and that no damage is done to the pool or yourself.

Note: Instructions and dosages may vary between pool shocks. We strongly recommend reading all instructions before adding granular chlorine shock to the pool.

Dos and Don’ts of Shocking a Pool


  • Dissolve granular chlorine shock in a bucket of water.
  • Add shock while the pump is running.
  • Pour dissolved shock directly into the pool.
  • Brush up any undissolved shock that settles on the floor of the pool.


  • Do not mix granular chlorine shock with any other chemicals.
  • Do not pour shock mixture into skimmer. It could have a bad reaction with the chlorine in a tablet feeder.
  • Do not swim for 24 hours or until the chlorine level has resided to a normal level (1-4 ppm).

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