How To Close An Inground Pool

Winterizing an Inground Pool

In today’s video guide, we show you how to close an inground pool for the winter. For areas that experience cooler winter temps and are not suitable for swimming, winterizing your pool is essential to safeguard your pool equipment and plumbing from freezing temperatures, which can cause pipe bursts and cracked filter and pump housings.

Things You’ll Need to Close an Inground Pool:

*Included in Pool Closing Chemical Kit

Prep, 24-48 Hours Before – Clean Your Pool

Preparation for closing your pool should start 24-48 hours before your plan to install your cover. The lead time of a day or so allows any chemical treatments you add to the pool to take full effect.

  1. Skim your pool’s surface – Remove all floating debris.
  2. Brush pool walls 
  3. Clean your filter.
  4. Test & Balance Pool Chemistry 
  5. Add Non-Chlorine Pool Shock 
  6. Add Winter Algaecide 
  7. Metal Sequestering Agent

*Dosages provided are general guidelines. Follow the dosage instructions on the package label.

How to Winterize Your Pool Plumbing

  1. Close Skimmer Section Line 
  2. Lower Water Level 
  3. Remove Return Jets
  4. Drain Pool Equipment 
  5. Prepare Air Compressor & Pool Pump
    1. Use a 1/4″ nozzle adapter fitting to make an airtight seal.
    2. Set the air compressor to 10 PSI; pools with longer PVC runs require higher PSI to purge lines fully.
    3. Cartridge Filters – remove the cartridge before starting the compressor; Sand & DE Filters – set multiport valve to re-circulate to prevent air from entering the filter tank.
  6. Open Skimmer Line
  7. Remove Skimmer Basket
  8. Turn On the Air Compressor
  9. Plug Return Lines
  10. Vacuum Water Trapped in the Skimmer
  11. Turn Off the Air Compressor 
  12. Add Pool Anti-Freeze
  13. Screw In Skimmer Guard (Gizzmo) 
  14. Open the Main Drain Suction Line 
  15. Blow Out Main Drain Lines 
  16. Shut Down Suction Side Plumbing– 

How to Install Winter Pool Cover

  1. Unfold Pool Cover 
  2. Pull Cover Over Pool 
  3. Adjust the Cover to Sit Flatly on the Pool Surface 
  4. Fill and Place Water Tubes on the Winter Cover 

Do you winterize your pool differently? Or do you have any questions about closing your pool this winter? Feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at

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