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  1. In case we get disconnected while waiting to talk to an agent, I want to place an order for pumps, heaters, filters, salt chem system, and state-of-the-art control system operable from iPhone.
    I am building an in-ground pool with a spa. The total gallons for both pool and spa are 52,000. I need an 8-hour turnover rate, and I have somewhere between 250 and 300 feet of head.
    I am thinking I need two pumps.
    I will have a water feature-natural waterfall flowing into the pool and the raised spa will also flow into the pool, except when heating up for spa use.
    I want a sand filter
    Electric heater for the pool
    Gas heater for the spa
    and I would like to install an in-floor cleaning system.
    two skimmers and main drains to complement the in-floor cleaning system.
    Also, I want a Letro type autofill for the pool.

      1. I need to talk to a human being about buying a replacement Century pump part # 0-159988-06 Must be motor attached to impeller system.
        Unit to be slid into existing housing:
        Hayward Pool Products
        Model# SP2621X25
        Stephen Queener

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