Proposition 65 And How It Affects Your Swimming Pool

3 thoughts on “Proposition 65 And How It Affects Your Swimming Pool

  1. So will purchasing a pool that has this warning expose and/or cause you to have one of the things listed? Are there pools that exist that do not have these chemicals?

    1. These warnings are plastered on most new pieces of pool equipment includes pump, filters, chlorinators. Equipment that has been in safe use for decades, now contains this sticker. This paragraph in the article should be kept in mind:

      Officials did not create Proposition 65 to persuade you to swim less or to stop purchasing certain products. It is simply an additional warning to remind customers to use products the way manufacturers intend. Keep in mind, it is very important to read and follow the instructions carefully. Now, because of the new revisions, you have an extra warning label to help remind you.

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