California’s New Variable Speed Pool Pump Law

22 thoughts on “California’s New Variable Speed Pool Pump Law

  1. I don’t mind the change for the sake of energy efficiency. changing the pump wasn’t that difficult either.

    my question is this: I now have a single speed pump sitting in my garage gathering dust. what should I do with it?

  2. I’ve had a variable for about 12 years connected using manual speed switch. This is due to a Fafco on the roof which the slow speed can’t handle. So, most od the time i only use high-speed unless i have isolated the plumbing to bypass the trip to the roof. Is there another way to manage this?

  3. Where can I turn someone in for violating the law. A customers motor fried, 1hp on a old brass pump. I insisted on title 20 compliance they found someone else to have motor rebuilt then take over pool service. I shouldn’t be punished by trying to follow the law. Client and new pool company were aware of the law and clearly in violation. It’s just not right.

        1. Yes where can you report violations, I have had 2 warranty affiliated companies try to replace my motor with non-complaint motor

  4. I need to replace a booster pump, not the main pool pump. Does the booster also need to be variable speed? and could I order a Variable for the main pump and single for the booster?

    1. Hello Oliver – because that is the old keyed shaft style SK1102, there is no drop-in compliant replacement for your motor. There are two routes: conversion to threaded shaft or replace the whole pump. Your pump model may still be in production and there are threaded shaft conversion parts. The conversion would be costly but cost less money than the next option. Your pump is discontinued, requiring that you buy a whole new dual or variable speed pump.

  5. I recently purchased a single speed pump/filter motor. The pool supply store said the duel speed pumps were not as good as they advertise and he has a motor that saves 1/3 on the energy, but it is a single speed. Was he just trying to get rd of his inventory? Or did he Brak the law?

  6. Hello, I live in California, I just bought a older home with a built in pool not realizing pool has a single speed motored, is the Seller required to update Pool Equipment before sale House?
    I feel I was missed lead Pool appear to be beautiful the first and second viewing, but once key we’re handed over pool went downhill. Pump looks outdated, filler Beyond cleaning and I was told Pool has been resurfaced. Paint is Pulling up every time I turn on this pool sweeper. Can anybody tell me if I have any rights as a first time home buyer with a pool That has major issues.

  7. what about my home warranty company First American who is trying to illegally replace my pool pump motor with a refurbished pool pump that is not CA Title 20 compliant. How are they able to do that? Isn’t it being illegally replaced

  8. I just found out about this policy at my local pinch a Penny. They have stopped selling the high-efficiency single speed 3/4 horse motor. They stated I need to buy a whole new pump system at approximately $1,200.I looked at the specs the kicker is it uses one extra amp than my old single speed high efficiency motor did

    1. First, are you comparing like for like horsepowers? Second is a dual or variable speed motor? if so, then the point of having those multi-speed motors is to run on the lower speeds which are significantly more efficient. For example, the dual-speed B984 motor may use 11amps on 3450 RPM, it uses 1.8 amps on 1725 RPM. The multi-speed motors should only be used on higher RPMs if you need more flow for vacuuming or heavy filtering.

  9. I just bought a pool pump that looked exactly like the one that was damaged currently bump on the side that says also has same specifications except for a bump on the side that says energy conservationist and it came with a sticker that it could not be sold in California. The seller is an online retailer from Florida. What should I do because I do not want to leave the pool without a pump for too long.

    1. If you want to be in compliance with the ordinance, you should contact the dealer you sold you pump to have them return it. They can be fined for shipping you a non-compliant pump.

      If they refuse to take it, then you may be able to take it up with the agency that enforces the ordinance to put pressure on them.

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