Replacing Your Sta-Rite Pump

Don’t you hate when a company stops making your favorite product? And people wonder where your trust issues stem from, right? The effects of discontinued pool pumps are frustrating pool owners across the country. If you are replacing your Sta-Rite pump, this blog is for you.

Honestly, every day we hear from pool owners looking to replace an older Sta-Rite pool pump.  Some pool owners are lucky and have fewer space restrictions. Fewer space restrictions mean a bigger selection of pumps to choose from. However, some pool owners are in a less forgiving and tight situation. Typically, whenever a pool owner asked for the closest replacement to their plumbing, we recommend them to stay within the same manufacturer. It’s logical to think that the same manufacturer makes the closest replacement. It is not the case for the Sta-Rite pumps. If you are replacing your Sta-Rite pump, this blog is for you.

Speck Pumps created a line of pumps that addresses the need for drop-in replacement pumps. Released earlier this year, Speck birthed a wide- range of pumps that are an easy fit for several specific discontinued pump models. Now, pool owners who owned a Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas, Dura-Glas, and Dyna-Glas can purchase a new pump without having to replumb their entire pool system.

Who Is Speck?

Speck Pumps is one of the world’s leading pool pump manufacturers. They have been helping pool owners across the world for the last 100 years. Speck makes pool pumps that are used for spas, residential and commercial swimming pools, pool/spa combinations, vanishing edge pools, fountains, and waterfalls. In short, they know their pumps.

The EasyFit: Universal Replacement Swimming Pool Pump


The EasyFit pumps are versatile, high-performance pool pumps. They easily retrofit into equipment areas with limited space or plumbing restrictions. I wish I could say this pump solves every issue with every pump, however, it does not. The EasyFit pump only retrofits certain pool pumps. It is not a “universal” pump.

The next logical question is, which pumps can the EastFit drop right into?

Are We A Match?

On to the important question, WHICH POOL PUMPS ARE COMPATIBLE? To make it as simple as possible, we created a basic chart that answers this question. We provided all the current replacement models as well as the cross reference for the replacement Speck pump. Additionally, each link takes you directly to the Speck product page for review.

HAYWARD SUPER PUMPHAYWARD SUPER PUMP SP2600X5, SP2605X7, SP2607X10, SP2607X102S, SP2610X15, SP2610X152S, SP2615X20, SP2615X202S,
Speck EasyFit SUP
PENTAIR WHISPERFLOWFE-2, WFE-3, WFE-4, WFE-6, WFE-8, WFE-12, WF-23, WF-34, WF-26, WF-28, WF-30, WF-2, WF-3, WF-4, WF-6, WF-8, WF-12, WFE-24, WFE-26, WFE-28, WFE-30Speck EasyFit PEN
PENTAIR SUPERFLO340036, 340037, 340038, 340039, 340040, 340042, 340043, 340044Speck EasyFit SUP



Connection Options

The EasyFit pumps are a drop-in replacement pump, which means there is no need to replumb. There are four different connections, making it one of the most versatile pumps on the market.

Option 1













Option 2













Option 3













Option 4












Whether we like it or not, manufacturers will always discontinue products in order to make room for better technology. As a pool company, we understand the restrictions that pools and pool equipment can place on something as routine as a pump replacement. If you’re having problems locating a replacement pump for whatever reason, give us a call at 877-372-6038 or email us at

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