5 Things You Need To Close (Winterize) Your Pool

5 Things You Need To Close (Winterize) Your Pool

Quick! What are FIVE things that you need to close (winterize) your pool?

Did you come up with your list?

As we approach the end of summer, there’s a sense of impending doom of having to close your pool. Yes, that means saying goodbye to warm days in your pool and saying hello to winter nights. I mean, unless you’re in Florida, like us.

However, don’t let your dread cloud your memory and cause you to forget an important step in winterizing your pool.

Let’s see if the list you created mirrors our list of the five things you need to close your pool.

Essentials For Closing (Winterizing) Your Pool

1. A Pool Cover

If you do not own a cover for your pool, we highly recommend purchasing one this season. Of course, this varies, depending on the state you live in. For example, most Floridians keep their pools open all year. Therefore, a pool cover isn’t always a priority. Here is a basic rule of thumb: If you plan on closing (winterizing) your pool, consider purchasing a cover.

There are several different types of covers you can choose from to fit your pool needs. You can choose from winter covers, safety covers, leaf nets, or solar covers. In some cases, pool owners double-up on covers for extra protection.

If you are undecided on which cover your pool needs, we recommend reading our article below.

Winter Cover vs. Safety Cover

Benefits Of A Pool Cover

  • Protects your pool from leaves, dirt, and debris entering your pool
  • Helps maintain your water chemistry
  • Saves you time when re-opening your pool in spring
  • Prevents water evaporation

2. Chemicals

Pool chemicals play an essential role in opening and closing your pool. So, it’s important that you do not forget to balance your pool and to purchase your winterizing kit.

Before closing, make sure your pH, chlorine, and total alkaline levels are stable. Definitely make adjustments if necessary. You can purchase a quick test kit online to perform quick and simple water tests without leaving your home. The reason you need to balance your pool before closing it is simple- you want to start the spring off fresh. 

After balancing your pool, focus on your winter chemicals. Winterizing kits typically include winterizing liquid and powder and are sold by gallon size. In states where temperatures reach freezing levels, consider purchasing pool anti-freeze, too.

Benefits Of Closing (Winterizing) Chemicals

  • Starts your pool off fresh in spring
  • Prevents tile and liner damage
  • Saves you money and time in spring when trying to balance your water

3. Accessories

Although technically, this isn’t “one” thing you need to close (winterize) your pool, accessories are still important. These accessories help ensure your pool cover stays in place, is in good shape, and protects your pool.

Air Pillows: You use air pillows in conjunction with above-ground winter covers. You place them under your cover to protect your pool from expanding ice and to help distribute water weight evenly.

Water Bags: You will need water bags to stabilize your inground winter cover.

Cover Pump Removes excess water from the top of your cover.

4. Equipment Covers/Plugs

Equipment covers and winterizing plugs serve one main purpose, to protect your pool from freeze damage during the winter season. They offer protection to your plumbing and pool equipment.

Skimmer Cover: Purchase a skimmer cover to protect your skimmer from freeze damage.

Skimmer Covers

Return Line Plugs: Specifically for above-ground pools, return line plugs prevent freeze damage during the winter season.

Winterizing Plugs: Plugs are used to protect your pipes and prevent moisture from building up.

5. Tools

The last thing you need to close (winterize) your pool is your tools. In most cases, you should already have a few of these items lying around. If you do not, now is the perfect time to add to your pool tool collection. Most of the tools you need will be used to clean and maintain your pool.

Closing (Winterizing) Your Pool

Sure, closing your pool for winter can be annoying and heartbreaking. However, what hurts more is opening your pool in the fall to equipment failure and poor water chemistry. The way you close your pool can have a positive or negative impact on your opening process.

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  1. Just purchased 24ft cover stretched across pool only to find it had 2 holes in it. Would like to talk to customer service but can find a phone number

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