How Can You Control Your Pump From Your Smartphone?

The number of things you can do with your smartphone today is incredible. To use Apple’s motto, there’s almost an app for everything. If you can control your car, your alarm system, and your finances through your smartphone, why not your pool pump? It’s not inconceivable or surprising that the pool industry is next to capitalize on this. So, how can you control your pump from your smartphone? Better yet, why would you need to have access to your pool pump from your phone?

At first, I scoffed at the idea of yet another useless app on my phone. Come on, you can admit it. We all have fallen victim to irrational app downloading at some point on our smartphone journey. Still, some apps have proven useful and have stood the test of time.

We always like to say that your pool pump is the heart of your entire pool system. Any phone app that allows you to monitor and control your pool pump can be an essential tool in properly maintaining your pool. There are a few ways pool owners can control their pumps from their smartphones. Let’s explore each way and discuss which option is best for your current pool setup. 

Why Link Your Pump to Your Smartphone?

Before we get into how let’s discuss the why. Why in the world would you need an app to monitor your pool pump at home? I mean, if you are home, why not just walk out to the pool and check it out yourself?

handheldConvenience. Let’s face it, most technological advances are in the name of convenience. Tech companies design phone apps to make jobs in our lives easier. An app linking your pool pump to your phone allows you the convenience of ensuring your pump is running smoothly from your room. Depending on the program you use, you have many options you can control at your fingertips.

Away On Vacation. It’s nice to take vacations. It’s even nicer not to have to worry about your pool while you’re vacationing.   No one wants to return home from a relaxing weekend to deal with an unbalanced, green pool. On the flip side, no one wants to pay or trouble a neighbor to watch their pool, either. Smartphone devices help solve this problem. A connection between your pump and your smartphone can eliminate the surprise of returning to a green pool.

Maintenance.: The greatest benefit is the capability of monitoring and managing your pool pump. It also grants you greater flexibility to adjust and override your current pump settings. In short, you never have to worry about the pump losing prime or not running long enough. This information is available right at your fingertips.


Ways You Can Link Your Pump to Your Smartphone

As of right now, there are only a few ways you can link your pool pump to your smartphone device and it depends on what equipment you already have or plan on purchasing. Do you currently have an automatic control system? Or, are you using a timer to control your pump?

Your current pool setup plays a huge role in determining which method is feasible for you.

1. Automatic Controls

An automatic control system is a great add-on feature for any swimming pool. Automatic controls take the work out of pool and spa ownership by automating all pool-related functions.  In addition to sanitation and filtration, automatic control systems have the capability to control your pump and motor. If you already have an automatic system, linking your cell phone to your control system is simple. Each control system differs in many ways, including how it connects to your phone.

First things first, which automatic control do you have?

AquaLink by Zodiac 

The AquaLink control system allows pool owners to customize their entire pool system from a small panel. The AquaLink can control filtration systems, chemical automation, precision temperature settings, pump speeds, diagnostics, and multiple mood settings. The standard AquaLink system does not have the ability to connect to your phone. However, Zodiac designed an additional feature to allow this connection to work.

iAquaLink jandy-iaqualink

iAquaLink allows pool owners to control their pools anytime, anywhere. The application is free and is available on the Apple and Android markets. The iAquaLink Web Connect device is a configurable system that is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. There are no wires, wall panels, or charging bases required.

The installation is very simple. Just sync the iAquaLink with your home network, install the app, and you’re ready to control your pool from your smartphone device or tablet.


Easy Touch/ IntelliTouch by Pentair

The Easy Touch Control System by Pentair offers pool owners full control over their pools and spas features including advanced features like colored lighting and the Pentair IntelliChlor. Each system includes a control panel built for outdoor conditions. The Easy Touch system is an excellent tool that enables pool owners to control their pool from a single location. At some point, though, Easy Touch owners wanted a way to control their systems via the web. As a result, Pentair designed the Screen Logic 2 interface.

screenlogic2ScreenLogic 2

The Pentair ScreenLogic 2 interface allows pool owners full control of their pools and spas from their smartphones or tablets wherever they have internet access. It makes it possible to track and monitor your pH and ORP levels with the use of the IntelliChem system.

The ScreenLogic 2 enables pool owners to monitor and adjust chemical levels to obtain healthy water and a safe pool environment. This gives the customer access to their pump controls, as well. With the ScreenLogic Interface and wireless connection kit, you can leave your house for work or vacation with peace of mind.


ProLogic/ AquaLogic by Hayward

The ProLogic and AquaLogic systems by Hayward are multifunctioning pool controllers that allow pool owners to manage their pools and spas fully. Both systems can control pumps, valves, lighting, heaters, and chlorination. Each system can be controlled via a variety of optional remote controls, including the AquaConnect.

aquaconnectHayward AquaConnect 

The Hayward AquaConnect system provides a platform for pool owners to manage every essential pool and spa function. The remote pool management functions provide four different ways to control your pool. The four ways to access your pool include AquaConnect App,, AquaConnect Home Network, and the Aquaconnect Home Automation.

The AquaConnect is available with Hayward’s Prologic, E-Command, OnCommand, AquaPlus, and AquaRite Pro.

AquaConnect App: The AquaConnect app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It offers pool owners convenient access to their pools from anywhere, at any time. The app has an easy and functional streamlined navigational platform. This is Hayward’s premium remote pool and spa management website. Pool owners can monitor and react to more than 100 parameters and settings from anywhere in the world.

AquaConnect Home Network: The network bridges your pool automation system to your home network and allows pool owners to manage their pools using any wireless device on the property.

AquaConnect Home Automation: The home automation provides a serial option for seamless integration with select home automation systems.

2. Wireless Motor Interface

For a long time, the only way you were able to control your pump wirelessly was to purchase an automation system. For many pool owners, however, simply going out and purchasing one isn’t necessarily an option. So for a long time, a lot of pool owners were left without the capability to control their pumps. Complete bummer.

To capitalize on this void, Century stepped up to the plate and created an alternative to purchasing an automation system.

vlibnkV-Link by Century

V-Link by Century is the next step of Intelligent Pump Motor Controls. VLink allows pool owners to monitor and manage energy consumption easily and to optimize their pool pump settings from smartphone devices. It easily integrates with the VGreen 270 and VGreen 165 to control with your smartphone device.

If your pump is not already equipped with a Century VGreen motor, you have to upgrade your motor before it correctly integrates.


I’ll be honest, gaining the ability to control your pump from your smartphone device is not cheap. At the end of the day, though, you have to ask yourself, does the money you spend to make the connection outweigh the money you spend on a green pool? For some, purchasing an extra application isn’t worth it. However, sometimes convenience does not come with a price tag. If you have any questions about how you can link your smartphone with your pool pump, give us a call at 877-372-6038 or email us at 


19 thoughts on “How Can You Control Your Pump From Your Smartphone?

  1. Hi
    I have a single speed pump
    Can I use Pentair easy touch automation on this pump or I have to buy a variable speed pump first before I get to have automation

  2. WiFi sprinkler timer (RainMachine mini 8) and an outdoor relay enclosure for hi/lo speed pump function. Heavy duty double pole/double throw 24v relays fit right into the bottom of my outdoor pool control breaker box. Works awesome.

    1. Oh wow. Your setup is what I’ve been searching for I just got an Orbit controller for our irrigation and thought to myself, why not use this for the pool pumps too?!?! Which relays are you using? Thank you!

  3. Most homes have the main pool controls out back somewhere usually next to the pool equipment, and have a remote keypad in the house that does nothing other than issue commands to the main box (for example: turn on heater or turn on the lights or spa, etc.).

    Now, wouldn’t it have been easier to focus solely on simply adding network capability (wifi or ethernet) to the existing remote keypad that’s already wired/connected and integrated to the main control system? Or, am I totally missing something here?

  4. Make sure before you buy anything you check the app reviews and make sure it works as intended. For eample the Hayward system has 1.5/5 stars and reviewers are very mad they got ripped off.

  5. Recent pool install, not happy with pool installer so asking you.. 😛

    I have a Jandy variable speed pump which is controlled by iAqualink app. BUT, the booster pump for the Polaris sweep is on an old school mechanical timer. Issue is that the booster pump can be turned on via the mechanical timer even when the main pump is not on, which of course is not good. Reading up online found that the main pump has an Aux Relay which could be connected to the booster pump (also a new Jandy). Question is, if I had the booster connected to the Aux Relay, is it possible in the iAqualink app on my iPhone to set a different schedule for when the booster pump runs? Do not need the pool sweep, via the booster pump, running 8 hours a day like the main pump does…


    Kenny West

  6. Is Vlink still being supported? I don’t see it on Century’s website, and the app hasn’t been updated in quite a while.

  7. Couldn’t you just install a WiFi switch in a weather proof plastic box for about $40? The Kasa app for TP link allowes you to setup times, monite lr energy etc. They work on 220 and have a 15A max draw.

    1. That is an option. But how do those smart plugs hold up outside? I’ve seen lots of them inside, but I have not seen one used outside longterm. If you put the plug inside, then you would have to run a cable, pinching it in a door or window.

      Also, the plug would only be able to control the On-Off of the pump. If you have a dual or variable speed, the functions would still need to be adjusted using the motor mounted control. This would be ideal for a single speed pump.

    2. Hi.. MATT can you please, tell me what is the Wifi Switch you used ..??? i have a single speed pump.

      Thank You ..!!

      1. There are many smart plugs around Efergy do a large range of wifi products. We use their smart plugs with our pool and garden lighting. The plugs are in a shed with all the pool equipment and work really well with on off and scheduling. We have variable speed pumps so we need to access the controls ☹️ We have an electrician looking into how we can add a wifi switch to our heat pump controller at the moment. If he comes up with a good solution for that we may be able to do something similar with the pumps. But cost vs savings is important.

    3. I was just wondering that myself. Pool automation prices are a total scam. Since any smart outdoor outlet or smart outdoor plug “completes a circuit”, why would you spend thousands on doing what you can do for hundreds???

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