Top 6 Pool Heat Pumps of 2023

Top 6 Pool Heat Pumps of 2023

A pool heat pump is a quick and energy efficient way to extend your swim season; if you’re interested in adding a heat pump, here’s a few we think you should check out.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A pool heat pump works just like a home HVAC heat pump would operate but in reverse by pulling heat from ambient air. The main components of a pool heat pump are the following:

  • Fan
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger

The heat pump pulls in warm ambient air using the fan. The warm air passes over the evaporator coil containing freon absorbing heat; the freon becomes gas as the compressor compresses it. The heated freon is compressed, increasing its temperature. The hot gas flows through the titanium heat exchanger, transferring heat to the flowing pool water.


Raypak CrossWind 65-I Heat And Cool Pump, 61,000 BTU – Model 017741

The heat pump’s main downside is its reliance on relatively warm ambient air temperatures, meaning most models cannot operate at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, models like the AquaCal SuperQuiet Heat/Cool featuring Icebreaker Technology can operate in air temps into the 40s.

Above Ground Pool Heat Pumps

Raypak CrossWind 65-I Heat And Cool Pump, 61,000 BTU – Model 017741

The Raypak Crosswind above ground pool pump utilizes a unique compact design, giving you more options for installation locations and winterization. It’s The Crosswind’s 61,000 BTU output means it should be ideal for small to midsize above ground pools (12 ft to 27 ft round pools, or 12 ft x 24ft up to 16ft x 32 ft).

Customer Review:

  • I ordered this Raypak 65-I Heater/Cooler & rec’d it 3 days later in good condition. The heater was professionally installed on a Friday, along with the other equipment. I turned this heater on Sat. afternoon pool 77 degrees & it was at the set temperature of 88 degrees by 11:00am Sunday. Granted we had a very hot weekend mid 90’s which also helped heat the pool, which gets full sun. My pool is 16 x 32 oval with a 4 foot depth. This unit is extremely quiet so I wasn’t sure it was even on & contacted my installer. He stated to watch & see if the fan is turning, since it is a quiet heater/cooler and it was on. It’s quieter than my previous heater and my pump & filter! So far I’m very pleased with this unit & it was cheaper than my last heat only unit. I haven’t tried the cooler part yet but I’m sure I will if we continue to get hot weather. I just hope this heater/cooler performs well and lasts for many, many years to come.

Inground Pool Heat Pumps

Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump – Internal View

You may notice a trend while browsing the Top 5 customer-rated pool heat pumps; they’re made mainly by Raypak. However, there is a good reason they are the number 1 trusted name in pool heating; their heaters and heat pumps have been keeping America’s swimming pools cozy for decades.

Raypak Classic Series Heat and Cool Pump, 137,000 BTU, Titanium Heat Exchanger – Model R8450TI-E-HC – 016037 

The R8450TI-E-HC is the only heat/cool unit that made our list. So you can guess that this heat pump has the dual functionality of heating your pool when it’s chilly and chilling it out during the long hot summer days.

Customer Review:

  • “Great product, works as expected. Just make sure you hire a certified technician to install as this is part of the warranty requirements.”
  • Heats my 18′ x 36′ pool from 74 to 86 in just a couple of days

Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump, 140,000 BTU, Titanium Heat Exchanger – Model R8450TI-E – 016033 

The heat-only Raypak Classic Heat Pump series are 3 of our most highly rated models. Raypak’s simplistic internal design and aesthetic make for a rugged unit meant to last, which is why Raypak offers one of the best warranty plans for their equipment: 2 Years Labor, 7 Years Parts, and 10 Years on the heat exchanger tube, see Raypak’s Warranty Program for details.

Customer Review:

  • “Heats my pool better than I expected, I was hesitant to buy a heat pump, but I am very happy with the results. Too soon to know the cost, but it doesn’t run all the time.
  • Great Heat Pump. Installed on 18×36 pool. Heats very fast in Kentucky climate.

Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump

Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump, 119,000 BTU, Titanium Heat Exchanger – Model R6450TI-E – 016015 

Customer Review:

  • I owned a rheem/raypak heater for over ten years which worked fantastic, this new heater seems to heat even better, very efficiently. Easy to install but I can’t believe rheem didn’t keep the same alignment for the pipe connections. Had to completely replumb the inlet and outlet pipes. Plus they changed the type of screw-on couplings. Other then those minor setbacks this is a great heater. My last Rheem heater went bad because the accumulator rusted out and it lost its Freon. This new heater corrected that problem, it appears the accumulator is made of a nonrusting material.

Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump, 103,000 BTU, Titanium Heat Exchanger – Model R5450TI-E – 016010 

Customer Review:

  • I purchased this unit to replace one that was 20 years old. It was an easy straightforward installation. The Ray Pak unit is well built, sturdy and very quiet. Digital controls are easy to operate. Delivered in great shape. I couldn’t be happier. Best price available anywhere. Thanks InYoPool

Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump, 140,000 BTU, Titanium Heat Exchanger – Model W3HP21404T 

The only non-Raypak model to make out the top 5 inground pool heat pumps, the Hayward HeatPro features had the highest BTU output of the bunch. The HeatPro features a similar scroll compressor design to the Raypak Classic; a 2-year warranty on parts back the HeatPro.

Customer Review

  • Just received my W3HP21404T last week. Once order was placed, it took about a week to arrive. Packaging was great, no damage to unit. Installation was straight forward (as long as you have knowledge of plumbing and electric). At unit startup, my water was 62 degrees. 2 days later I was at 86 degrees (my filter and HP only run 7am to 8pm daily) Not too shabby ! The Heat Pump is incredibly quiet, you can barely hear it run. To be honest, my filter pump makes more noise that the Heat Pump! Depending on humidity, the heat pump will generate a considerable amount of condensation (completely normal), so be aware and possibly have a drainage solution in mind. My unit is in the yard next to the pool so the condensation just runs into the grass, no big deal. If you’re on the fence about this model Heat Pump, I HIGHLY recommend it ! Well made, quiet operation and relatively easy to setup and operate. If you do purchase this unit remember, once you un-package it from its box, you need to remove the black front cover (5 screws) to retrieve the setup instructions and plumbing unions. Electrical and plumbing connections are straight forward and easily understandable. I ran a 60 amp 240 volt circuit from my house out to the pool. I have a service disconnect right next to the Heat Pump (very similar if not exactly like your home heat pump disconnect). My filter system is running with 1.5 inch PVC pipe so the only thing i needed to add was two 1.5 inch to 2.0 inch slip adapters. I also installed the recommended check valve (1700C15) after the heat pump but prior to the salt chlorine generator. I have a 30 foot round pool 52 inches deep (@ 22000 gallons). All in all, I’m very satisfied with my purchase ! Placing the order and communicating with InyoPools was a breeze ! As I stated earlier, I highly recommend this unit if you’re on the fence contemplating a purchase. (And no, I don’t work for InyoPools or Hayward. As a consumer, I feel we should provide feedback so that potential buyers can make an informed decision) No more will I be waiting for the pool to warm up before I can go swimming !!

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